Personalized Baby Sleep Training 

Benefits of Baby Sleep Training

Baby sleep training is about your baby, not you! At our very basic, primal core we need food, sleep and love to survive. Sleep is #2 on that list. Especially critical for babies, sleep promotes physical, intellectual, social and emotional development in our brains. These aspects are essential to baby’s happiness and overall well-being. Let’s talk about a few more important reasons!

  • Well-rested babies are happier and more able to regulate their moods and emotions
  • Well-rested kids learn faster, are smarter and have lower rates of ADHD and learning difficulties
  • Well-rested and emotionally well-regulated children fare better socially and have better relationships. For example, It’s easier to make new friends when you aren’t overly emotional due to lack of sleep
  • The most important one: LEARNING TO SLEEP WELL IS A SKILL THAT WILL LITERALLY BENEFIT YOUR CHILD FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE. 80% of individuals with a mental health diagnosis have a co-occuring sleep problem! Continued lack of sleep takes a huge toll emotionally and can lead to depression, anxiety, and a whole host of other mental health issues. This is a major factor as to why I chose to sleep train my kids. Really, that’s why I feel passionate about helping others to sleep train their kids. We all want to be the best parents possible, and prioritizing sleep is a super quick, easy, and important way to parent well.

Baby Benefiting from Baby Sleep Training | The Peaceful Sleeper “I absolutely loved working with Christine! I was at wits end with my 8 month old daughter who had no sleep schedule and still slept in bed with me and my husband. I thought it would be impossible to get my kid some type of sleep schedule after moving to three different countries/ continents after having her. Working with her changed my life, literally! I didn’t realize how much sleep my baby needed. She goes to bed early enough that my husband and I actually have time to spend together and even sometimes eat dinner alone! She also has scheduled naps during the day, and her mood has changed drastically! She is such a happy girl when she gets her sleep and naps!! Again, LIFE CHANGING! “
-Marissa P.

Baby Sleep Training

Baby Sleep Training Ideas and Tools

Looking for a way to reclaim sleep for yourself or your little one? Our sleep guides provide you with applicable steps and tips to help your family get the sleep it deserves. Rejuvenation and refreshment are just minutes away with our in-depth sleep guides.

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Toddler Sleep Training

Is your baby struggling to create quality sleep habits or get into a consistent pattern? Your baby can sleep through the night, and we can help. A happy, healthy, and sleeping little one is achievable with the right baby sleep training and coaching.

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Adult Sleep Training

Sleep training isn’t just for kids, adults often need the coaching as well. Let me help you experience relaxing and peaceful sleep on a consistent basis. Adequate sleep is just as important for you as it is your sweet, growing child. Always remember to take care of yourself!

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