Meet Britta

Britta Mosman baby sleep consultant | The Peaceful SleeperHi, my name is Britta Mosman. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and am a trained sleep consultant.

I am a mamma to three wonderful children. All of whom are excellent sleepers. They didn’t start out that way and each one was so different from the other. After my first was born I quickly learned how valuable sleep was for me, my husband and my new growing babe.

My husband was working on two masters degrees at the time and I was working part time so it was difficult functioning on little to no sleep. I firmly believe that when everyone is sleeping well, everyone is happier and healthier and the whole family dynamic is much more positive.

I have experienced sleep training a thumb sucker (my oldest), a binky loving baby (my youngest) and one that refused both (my middle girl) each have their advantages and disadvantages while sleep training.

I love helping mamas (and dads) with sleep training. It is so wonderful to see the positive changes that happen through sleep training. You and your sweet babe deserve the best sleep possible.

If you are here, you’re probably looking for some help getting your little one to sleep, maybe even some personalized help from a baby sleep trainer. We’ve got some articles, a collection of my favorite products, and a range of coaching services for you. Please, reach out with any questions, comments, or general feedback.

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