When It’s Time to Outsource Sleep Training A Baby

A good general rule about outsourcing sleep training is: when you want it done correctly and done quickly, but don’t want to deal with the second-guessing and stress – that’s the perfect time to outsource sleep training.

Making the Decision to Outsource Sleep Training

If you are really struggling with whether you want to outsource sleep training, I get it. You want to do this on your own. From hearing other moms talk, you feel like you should be able to get your baby to sleep better on your own.

When you hop on Social Media (usually while you’re holding the baby in the middle of the night), you notice pictures of your friends children with sweet little notes about how they’ve been sleeping for 11 hours. But that’s not your reality. Your newborn cries every time you lay him down. Or your 8 month old is still waking up 4 times a night. You just keep wondering, “Why? Why won’t my child sleep?”

Sometimes, you just need a sleep consultant that is truly an expert on. newborn, baby &/or toddler sleep!

Sleep training and teaching your baby to sleep through the night can be really hard. Remember, there are sleep training consultants who study this professionally and know the ins-and-outs of baby sleep. Also, recognize that sleep training and getting your baby the sleep that they need is important. Finally, you don’t have to do it by yourself.

Grayscale photo of baby sleeping very close to mother. You do not have to sleep train alone! You can outsource help from a sleep training professional. The Peaceful Sleeper Blog

I had a friend years ago whose dishwasher broke. Her husband just knew he could figure it out on his own. So, he looked up YouTube videos and read tutorials and the owner’s manual. He bought the parts for it and he “fixed” the dishwasher himself.

Of course, it leaked, and their house flooded. They ended up having to tear up the whole flooring downstairs! Although he read and watched everything he could, he still didn’t do it exactly right. In this instance, he should have deferred to an expert

 “I could figure it out on my own, and, it’s just not worth it for me to do that”.

Just Because You Could do it On Your Own, Doesn’t Mean You Have to

Just because you can doesn’t mean you have to. It’s WAY more worth it to outsource to the professionals. Sometimes, a professional can do it in less time, more effectively and in a way that will “stick” better. Sleep training can be one of those things. And trust me, that extra sleep you’ll get when a sleep consultant helps your baby sleep better faster is worth it.

When you outsource sleep training (or anything) to a professional you really trust, you can say to yourself, “I know it will be done right and I know it will be done quickly, and I will be empowered to learn how to meet my baby’s needs as effectively as possible.” This is when it’s truly with it to outsource.

Sleep is So Important for Health and Wellbeing

Having a baby that sleeps well will benefit you and your baby for the rest of your lives. It’s not worth it to fumble along and figure it out and bring all that stress and overwhelm into your lives. Sleep is WAY too important to get it “kind of” right!

Woman suffering with insomnia and sleep problems. She's unable to sleep late at night lying on bed awake feeling stressed and frustrated because she did not outsource sleep training | The Peaceful Sleeper Blog

Top Reasons It’s Time To Outsource Sleep Training

We All Have Special Circumstances

One indicator that you need professional help is when you have a baby with special circumstances. Meaning if you have a medically fragile baby, a baby with lots of allergies/ stomach issues/ reflux/ or pain.

This is when a lot of the books with their “one size fits all” solutions are just going to overwhelm you because you have a baby with a specific need.

So Much Information Makes You More Confused

Another time is when you spend hours scouring the internet, talking to moms, reading blogs/books and you just feel overwhelmed and confused.

“The more you read the less confident you feel”

If this is the case, then it’s time to find someone that you trust to show you how to assimilate all of the different theories and methods and tailor it to your baby.

When Sleep Training Just Won’t Click

If you’ve tried sleep training and it’s just not working, then that’s another good indicator that you need help.

If you’ve tried to sleep train, if you’ve read a book and tried to follow it, if you’ve tried to watch a video course and follow that, but for some reason, it’s just not clicking with your baby, then it’s going to help to get some individual support.

Biggest Benefit to Outsourcing Sleep Training

You don’t have to do all of the work to sleep train your baby on your own!

Confident Executive Mommy Sleep Training Package with help from professional sleep consultant | The Peaceful Sleeper

There are professionals out there that are trained to help you do this. There are probably a lot of things that you could figure out on your own, but it’s just so much easier to defer to the expert.

Yes, it is an investment, but the payoff is so great!

The amount of time and energy you spend bickering with spouses. The moments of frustration, mom guilt, and all the extra tears when your sleep-deprived and frazzled.

The amount of money you’ll save from not going to the pediatrician because you don’t know what’s happening, or your OBGYM appointments because you’re overwhelmed and tired and don’t know what to do.

All of this can be alleviated with the help of a professional. I would LOVE to be that professional for you.


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