4-24 Months Guide Pack

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Get 17 4-24 Months guides all in one spot, for one low price! We put together the most essential guides that you’ll need to make sure your baby gets all of their sleep needs met.

What guides you’ll get with this package:

  1. Get Your Sleep On e-book
  2. Transitioning Out of a Swaddle Guide
  3. Extending Wake-Up Time Guide
  4. Reflux and Tummy Troubles Guide
  5. Sleep Regression Teething, and Illness Guide
  6. Daycare Guide
  7. The Nap Intruder – How to Lengthen Crap Naps Guide
  8. Stuck in Developmental Transitions Guide
  9. Pacifier Issues Guide
  10. Scheduling and Preventing Over-Tiredness Guide
  11. Sleep Train Your Babe in 14 Days Guide
  12. Bedtime Battles With Your Co-Sleeper Guide
  13. Dropping Naps Guide
  14. Siblings Sharing a Room Guide
  15. Transitioning from Co-Sleeping Guide
  16. Traveling with Kids Guide
  17. How to Cut Down on Night Awakenings Guide
  18. Sleep Training Issues with a Room Sharer Guide

With these 17 guides PLUS the Get Your Sleep On e-book, you’ll be armed with knowledge to help YOUR baby and their sleep needs and get you through anything they throw at you.


8 reviews for 4-24 Months Guide Pack

  1. Caitlyn Kopra (verified owner)

    This was the perfect amount of information and reassurance we needed to make the decision we felt was right for sleep training our now 5 month old. We started right when she turned 4 months. She was a great night sleeper but needed a lot of supports. Being consistent and following the guide for modified CIO was the most helpful! Our daughter can self initiate sleep and is sleeping so great during the day and at night! I loved how Chrissy shared personal experiences from sleep training and found it to be so beneficial in our journey! This guide helped ease our anxiety and we kept referring back to it throughout our 2 week initial journey.

  2. Elsa De Jong (verified owner)

    Very helpful guide! Especially loved the Get Your Sleep in ebook. Successfully sleep trained a 14 month old using modified CIO. Such a game changer!Just wish there was a guide with a few different tips for an older more communicative baby!

  3. Cassity Clay (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved the content in this guide! We sleep trained our baby boy at 6 months before we moved states.

    Before sleep training our baby would hardly even sleep in his bassinet and never was able to go to sleep without being rocked or bounced.

    Thankfully, with the help from the peaceful sleeper our sweet boy was in his crib and putting himself to sleep within a week.

    Our move went a million times better because he was able to self soothe and sleep well, even on the go.

    I would buy this guide a million times over!

  4. Madeline Reed (verified owner)

    I am so thankful for this option of being able to read what I need! I had a baby that literally never slept, so the videos weren’t a great fit for me. Now through a flexible sleep training routine, my baby sleeps 11 hours with only one wake up to nurse. I learned so much and felt comfortable I was being a good mom to my baby throughout the whole sleep training process. I love how flexible the program is, it can work for any sort of parent. Thank you peaceful sleeper!

  5. Bethany Klausner (verified owner)

    Love this guide pack! Just the right amount of info to ensure I’m on the right track and get rid of any doubts that I’m doing the right thing for my baby. I also love that they will be in my account always so it’s not lost in my emails.

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