4-24 Months Basic Package


The most comprehensive sleep training bundle for all the DIY mamas out there.



Focusing 4-24 months-old’s, you’ll get access to:

4-24 Months Sleep Training Video Course

This video course uses clear, science-backed and attachment-focused interventions that help you to meet your baby’s sleep needs. There is no one-size fits all approach for babies, so you’ll learn the fundamental principles and be empowered to tune into YOUR baby to develop the perfect strategy. Whether you choose to incorporate cry it out components of sleep training or not, you and your baby can be happy, attached, thriving and well-rested!

4-24 Months Guide Pack

The ultimate 4-24 months book and guides package to help answer your sleep training questions: 

    1. Get Your Sleep On e-book
    2. Transitioning Out of a Swaddle Guide
    3. Extending Wake-Up Time Guide
    4. Reflux and Tummy Troubles Guide
    5. Sleep Regression Teething, and Illness Guide
    6. Daycare Guide
    7. The Nap Intruder – How to Lengthen Crap Naps Guide
    8. Stuck in Developmental Transitions Guide
    9. Pacifier Issues Guide
    10. Scheduling and Preventing Over-Tiredness Guide
    11. Sleep Train Your Babe in 14 Days Guide
    12. Bedtime Battles With Your Co-Sleeper Guide
    13. Dropping Naps Guide
    14. Siblings Sharing a Room Guide
    15. Transitioning from Co-Sleeping Guide
    16. Traveling with Kids Guide
    17. How to Cut Down on Night Awakenings Guide
    18. Sleep Training Issues with a Room Sharer Guide

With the video course, 17 guides, AND the Get Your Sleep On e-book, you’ll be armed with knowledge to help YOUR baby, meet their sleep needs, and help get you through anything your baby throws at you.


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