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In this content library, through a streamlined video course & guides, you’ll learn how to get your baby to fall asleep independently, take predictable naps & sleep through the night. You’ll be confident knowing exactly what you need to do to keep them happy, content, and sleeping well!

What you’ll get with this content library:

4-24 Months Sleep Learning Video Course

This video course uses clear, science-backed and attachment-focused interventions that help you to meet your baby’s sleep needs. There is no one-size fits all approach for babies, so you’ll learn the fundamental principles and be empowered to tune into YOUR baby to develop the perfect strategy. Whether incorporating cry it out components of sleep training or not, you and your baby can be happy, attached, thriving and well-rested!

PDF Guides

    1. Get Your Sleep On e-book
    2. Transitioning Out of a Swaddle Guide
    3. Extending Wake-Up Time Guide
    4. Reflux and Tummy Troubles Guide
    5. Sleep Regression Teething, and Illness Guide
    6. Daycare Guide
    7. The Nap Intruder – How to Lengthen Crap Naps Guide
    8. Stuck in Developmental Transitions Guide
    9. Pacifier Issues Guide
    10. Scheduling and Preventing Over-Tiredness Guide
    11. Sleep Train Your Babe in 14 Days Guide
    12. Bedtime Battles With Your Co-Sleeper Guide
    13. Dropping Naps Guide
    14. Siblings Sharing a Room Guide
    15. Transitioning from Co-Sleeping Guide
    16. Traveling with Kids Guide
    17. How to Cut Down on Night Awakenings Guide
    18. Sleep Training Issues with a Room Sharer Guide

Situation Cards

12 Situation Cards for a quick reference to some of the most common sleep situations including:

  • Lengthening naps
    • Should I cap a nap?
    • Short nap protocol & more
  • Moving to a clock-based schedule
    • How do I move from wake windows to clock based?
  • How to – Sleep Learning
    • When baby is awake in the middle of the night
    • Baby waking up after rocking
    • If baby doesn’t self soothe & more
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57 reviews for 4-24 Months Content Library

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  1. This was a good reference and jumping off point to begin sleep training. I thought it was a helpful document to come back to when we experienced different issues in our sleep training journey.

  2. This was a game changer in helping me as a first time mom get us ALL more sleep. I loved how there were options that were not only strict cry it out – lots of modifications were shared – and they WORKED!! My 5mo old now self initiates her sleep and I don’t have to fret that when I put her in the crib for nap/bedtime, she will wake or fuss before going down. No fussing here and sleep for all! And we didn’t have to do any cry it out. This would not have been possible without the help and knowledge I received from this guide. Thank you!!!!!!

  3. There was a lot of valuable content and a good framework for understanding how to approach the program.

  4. Purchased this to build upon the foundation from the 0-4 month old course once baby turned 4 months old. We were dealing with baby fighting naps, “crap naps”, and waking every time we tried to transfer down during the day. After a week of studying this content I felt more confident about working WITH my baby to allow for more independence. Turns out it was actually what she wanted and needed!! I am a parent who doesn’t love navigating the “grey” areas, but this content allowed me to feel confident going with the flow and adapting as needed depending on what I saw baby doing.

    The only thing I wish it talked more about was how to survive days when you absolutely can’t be in a dark/quiet place for naps, etc. (it talks about navigating travel, but not for that exact scenario I believe).

  5. Love this program! It helped us a ton with sleep training our 4 month old!

  6. Everytime I had a question or wondered about something, it was covered in the 4-24 month content library! Full of great tips, and amazing for any parent!

  7. My mom purchased this for me for mother’s day as I’m a first time mom. I was hesitant on sleep training because I had only heard of letting babies cry it out, but the modified cry it out method has been so much easier on my new mama heart! And, after a few days, baby boy was only crying a few minutes after putting him down. I was shocked at how quick he learned how to soothe himself and following the steps in this guide are what helped!

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4-24 Months Content Library 4-24 Months Content Library
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