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45 reviews for Get Your Sleep On – eBook

  1. Rachel

    This book is the best guide on how to sleep train your baby. It gives great advice on where to start and reasons why it will work. We tried it with our 10 month baby and he now sleeps through the night. Before he would walk up 5-6 times a night.

  2. Natalie Torres

    What a great resource!!! Easy to read, straight to the point and important info you need when you’re losing your mind over your baby’s sleep… or lack there of! THANK YOU FOR THIS GUIDE!!!

  3. Erica J

    I love all the options and what if’s but the thing I love most was hearing that I could trust my momma gut and how to use that feeling to comfort my baby while still getting her into a great sleep pattern.

  4. Jamie Murphy

    This book is awesome, it takes an hour or two to read and is very reassuring that your mama instincts are always right! She’s very real and honest in this book about her own experiences and that is so helpful and important to me.

  5. Heather Grieder

    I got this book to sleep train my 18 month old who was waking 5 times a night. We did the modified cry it out and he’s doing so much better. So much great information in this book. I loved the chart she created and I made one for us to use too! Will be buying for my sister and her newborn!

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