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3 reviews for Group Sleep Training: Participant

  1. Chelsea Lancelle

    Initially I was nervous for group sleep training – I wasn’t sure about the social aspect during a time that I knew would be emotional for me. Being an introverted person I didn’t want to have to force conversation. Having the group ended up being so helpful, and the social anxiety really wasn’t an issue. It was great to have other moms going through the process with me, and Ashley was great at leading the conversation so I never felt awkward. My son was the “difficult” baby out of the group, and it was so nice to have Ashley and the other moms in my corner cheering us on when he successfully initiated sleep on his own. In terms of results, after group sleep training my son has been able to initiate sleep at night and for all naps, something he was unable to do before. We used to have to spend hours a day rocking him to get him to sleep. He’s also sleeping unswaddled in his crib for all sleep, where before he was held for all naps and the first part of the night. In the time since the initial group sleep training weekend (we’re still in the process with follow-up calls) he’s now able to lengthen most naps and has typically had a couple of naps in the 90+ minute range each day. This process has truly changed our lives. We all get such better sleep, and my husband and I get free time together at night. I love the follow-up check-ins to continue improving his sleep, it really allows us to work on little things that end up making a big difference. If you’re on the fence about it I would encourage you to go for it. It’s an investment, but the personalized experience and no second-guessing makes it so worth it!

  2. Kristin Leidle

    Group sleep training is everything us anxious and stressed Mommy’s need! It gave me the confidence and support to get my baby initiating sleep independently. Before sleep training, it would take me hours to get my baby to sleep. After sleep training, my baby was falling asleep independently within minutes! I was truly shocked. Chrissy and the group of other Moms going through it, really helped me feel confident through the entire process. I highly highly recommend group sleep training to anyone out their struggling with their baby’s sleep. It has not only given me some alone time at night but also a better relationship with my baby. We are BOTH much happier. If I could recommend one thing for any parent, it would not be any sleep aid or tool or item, it would 100% be sleep training. My only regret is not doing it with my older two children, but I am SO glad I found this resource for my third.

  3. Whitney Young

    We highly recommend Group Sleep Training! While sleep training did not “work immediately” for us as our little one was one of the few “tricky” babies, Chrissy gave us the gift of a support network. A fresh set of eyes, and someone who was problem solving alongside us. She gave us confidence that our baby WILL sleep and that GOOD sleep is possible. She felt like the third parent. And everyone in the sleep training group was our extended family. Through Chissy’s persistence, knowledge and hard work, our little one’s sleep just kept getting better!

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