Newborn Basic Package

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This is the package for those DIY mamas who want all the information to hit the ground running with their newborn’s sleep! In this package you’ll get:

Newborn Essentials Sleep Class

Simple, easily accessible videos where you will learn what your little one needs at every age to be happy and sleep well. Feel confident and empowered to get those longer stretches at night between feedings, tackle issues like fussiness, gas, reflux, colic, tongue ties, sleep regressions, and what to expect from 0-4 months. There’s also helpful videos for you mama about postpartum mental health and so much more!

Newborn Guide pack

With these five newborn sleep training guides (7 Tips for Awesome Newborn Sleep, Magical Calming Tricks, Reflux and Tummy Troubles, Sleep Regressions, Teething, and Illness, and Daycare) get equipped with the most essential information that you’ll need to make sure your newborn start off life well-rested.


1 review for Newborn Basic Package

  1. Giuliana Bills (verified owner)

    This was super helpful as a first time mom! So many great tips that I had never even heard of before. I am trying to make sleep a priority so I can be the best mom I can be. I’m so grateful I have had these resources! Highly recommend!

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