Newborn Essentials Sleep Class

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Begin Helping Your Newborn Sleep Here!

Looking for ways to help your newborn sleep? In this life-changing video class, I’ll address everything you need to know to get optimal sleep for your baby from 0-4 months. You’ll set your baby up right from day one so he or she can be a great sleeper! Peaceful sleep is just a 1-2 minute signup away. Purchase now for 6 months of unlimited access to this online newborn sleep course!


7 reviews for Newborn Essentials Sleep Class

  1. Emily Tillett (verified owner)

    This was a life changer. I needed a serious refresher with baby number two and felt like this presented information in an easy and non-judgements like way. I’m now able to read my baby’s sleepy cues, manage when she’s tired and understand the importance of wake windows. I feel way more confident this time around and feel less shame for helping my little one to sleep if she ever needs it. Thank you so much for this course!

  2. Benjamin Lively

    This course was amazing! Helped my wife and I so much with both our kids, we got hours of extra sleep. The information is presented in such a way that is easy to digest and apply to real life situations. She also gives insight on what to expect in the coming months to help decrease anxiety around parenting.

  3. Idaly Gonzalez

    She is the best she’s been so helpful, seen someone going through the same as you and also giving you tips that actually work for our babys its the best

  4. Chelsea

    I loved this newborn class! I used it for my second and honestly it was a gamer changer. I tried other things with my first that were too complicated and I could never fit all the pieces together. This is straightforward, easy to follow, and so helpful!

  5. Bethany

    Super helpful! I wish I had a resource like this for my first daughter! Some easy tips/tricks to follow for better sleep but she also does a great job at reminding you that as a mom you know best. Highly recommend!

  6. Jessica Luth (verified owner)

    The information in this class is extremely helpful!! The information about reflux and gas led us to talk to our pediatrician and take the steps we needed to begin getting her reflux under control, in return sleeping much better at night with decreased fussiness. Learning to recognize sleepy cues and keep track of awake windows made a HUGE difference in avoiding the over tired/over stimulated stage making for a happier baby and putting her to sleep so much easier! I would highly recommend taking this course!

  7. Shelby (verified owner)

    SO helpful! Before I had my baby I assumed I would just know what to do somehow and it turns out I really needed some help! This course was just what I needed for some direction. I much more confident in taking care of my sweet girl so I can enjoy our time so much more which is the ultimate goal!

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