Personalized Consultations Advanced Package

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If you’re experiencing a little hiccup in sleep learning and need a quick answer or if you’re short on time and just need a general, quick and dirty “how-to” for sleep learning, this package is just for you! Choose either a 30-minute session or a 60-minute session with one of our Peaceful Sleeper Consultants and get your questions answered.

Note: Consultations are scheduled after purchase, time slots are usually available 2-7 days out. If you need sleep help ASAP, book an SOS Consultation here.

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65 reviews for Personalized Consultations Advanced Package

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  1. We are 11 days into sleep training our 8 month old twins (6 months adjusted) after a consultation with Londyn. She was efficient, helpful, and the sleep plan we created together has been working wonders! We went from 5-10+ wake ups a night to replace the pacifier to sleeping through the night or only 1 wake up where they either soothe themselves or calm within 2 minutes with support. It’s been life changing and I’m so grateful!

  2. Love, love, love Ashleigh! She is the third person parenting our child when it comes to sleep lol. The best!

  3. Words can never describe how grateful I am for the incredible coaching and support we’ve received from Suzanne. As a second time mama, I knew from the very beginning we were going to do sleep “right” – meaning, we knew we needed to make sure our second babe learned appropriate sleep skills from the beginning. I suffered drastically with my first son as he was a rough sleeper (still is, at 4), and caused a great deal of stress for myself and my family. My second son, who’s just 4 months, has learned ways to self-soothe, we’ve identified patterns in his sleep cues, and with Suzanne’s help and strategies, we’ve been able to go from trying to put my son down for 3 hours, to laying him down with confidence knowing he’ll go to sleep on his own within minutes. Naps are beginning to get longer, and he’s getting restorative sleep. Thank you times a million!!!

  4. Working with Ashley has been amazing! We started at four months and teaching independent sleep has been an absolute game changer. Our daughter is getting more sleep than ever and can fall asleep in minutes. I feel like I got my sanity back!

  5. My consultation went great with Suzanne! She listened to my baby’s specific sleep needs and helped me come up with a plan for nap training. It helps to have someone to bounce back and forth with!

  6. I did not do my sleep consultation yet because the sleep training has been working so I’m saving it for when I need it! Confirmed via email this can be done and so happy because I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time with a consult when I don’t need it right now (which is a good thing!)

  7. Londyn was super helpful and I feel like we are on the right track after our consultation!

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Personalized Consultations Advanced Package Personalized Consultations Advanced Package
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