The Nap Intruder – How to Lengthen Crap Naps

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Unless it’s the 3rd nap of the day or your baby is younger than 4 months, naps less than an hour are incomplete. But lots of babies nap for 45 min or less. I call that a “nap intruder” or a “crap nap.” In this guide you will learn how to conquer the “crap nap” to get complete, long naps. You’ll also learn about nap cycles, preventing over-tiredness, teaching baby how to string together more than one nap cycle at a time, moving to a clock-based schedule, overcoming nap regressions and more! 




9 reviews for The Nap Intruder – How to Lengthen Crap Naps

  1. Jade George (verified owner)

    Limited strategies to use actually included. Had hoped to use this to tackle awful naps but great night sleeping – not sure the limited strategies mentioned here will help as already tried them. Will probably have to spend more and buy the full sleep training book.

  2. Aubri Lightheart (verified owner)

    In a world of unknowns this guide gave me some direction to help troubleshoot my baby’s crappy naps. He now sleeps at least an hour and a half at every nap!

  3. Taylor johnson (verified owner)

    This guide is amazing!! My 4 month old went from having 30-45 naps, to being able to soothe herself back to sleep and extend her naps to 1.5-2.5 hours. I used to Always go in there when she ‘woke’ up after 45 minutes thinking it was time for her to wake up. This guide taught me to just let her hang out when this happens! Thank you Chrissy!

  4. Alex (verified owner)

    This helped us a bunch. My baby has ALWAYS had trouble napping. It’s been so inconsistent from 4 months on. This guide gave me the confidence to set daily regular nap times instead of going with her wake windows. It works so much better for our baby!

  5. Tayler Swickrath (verified owner)

    Easy read! Can read in maybe 2 hours but I chose to purposefully take a few chapters at a time so really soak it all in. Chrissy gives so much good info that you want to make sure you’re doing everything diligently. I reread and kept it with me the first couple days, almost as my security blanket. Ha! I’m halfway through sleep trying WHILE my baby has the sniffles and it’s still working-so it IS possible! I’m following her color chart but also writing on the back the actual times cuz I just think the color chart can be a bit hard to follow. It’d be cool if she made an app that could track it all like the chart and you could see a graph of progress. I’m buy that too! Definitely follow your mom gut is what she teaches when CIO or modified CIO is taking place. ANYWAYS, highly recommend the book, fan-girling over al her IG videos and Chrissy in general. She’s so knowledgeable and seems so easy to follow! Would love a video chat with her!

  6. Mackenzie (verified owner)

    This helped me trust my gut about how much sleep my baby needed, she wasn’t napping long and I knew she needed more sleep but was struggling to string together anything longer than 30 mins. Did a few suggested adjustments and can sometimes get a full 2.5hr nap some days!

  7. Esther (verified owner)

    So helpful. She really explains in depth the science of naps for babies at each stage. Helps empower you with the knowledge to know how to guide baby to sleep their best sleep during the day. Worth every penny.

  8. McKayla (verified owner)

    I bought this for when my little one was taking tons of really short naps all day long. This guide helped us get on a better schedule and made for a much happier baby and mama!

  9. Melissa (verified owner)

    As a first time mama, I learned quickly that no naps and short naps meant zero break for me and a cranky little peanut the rest of the day as well as a potentially rough night of sleep ahead…we had to do something! After going through the sleep training process with our son (using “Get Your Sleep On” of course!) we felt so confident trusting Chrissy to guide us through nap lengthening as well. You will NOT be disappointed!! You and your family deserve restful sleep, and this is another big step in the right direction.

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