2-5 Years Basic Package



The most comprehensive sleep training bundle for all the DIY mamas out there. Get all the info you need to tackle sleep training your toddler as well as tools to navigate those power struggles that come up in toddlerhood. This package includes:

Toddler Guide Pack

We put together the most essential guides that you’ll need to make sure your toddler gets all of their sleep needs met as well as some helpful guides to help you navigate those toddler years. What guides you’ll get:

  1. Toddler Power Struggles Guide
  2. Potty Training Guide
  3. Sleep Regression, Teething, and Illness Guide
  4. Toddler Separation Anxiety, Nightmares, and Fears Guide
  5. Transitioning to a Big Kid Bed Guide
  6. Co-Sleeping with Your Toddler Guide
  7. Toddler Staying Up Too Late and Stalling Bedtime
  8. Daycare Guide
  9. Toddler Getting Out of Bed Guide
  10. Toddler Naps Guide
  11. Siblings Sharing a Room Guide
  12. Traveling with Kids Guide
  13. Sleep Training Issues with a Room-Sharer

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