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Benefits of Baby Sleep Learning

Giving your little one the gift of sleep is one of the most beneficial things you can ever do for them. Good sleep helps your baby develop physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.

Experience the freedom and joy of having a baby who falls asleep independently, takes predictable naps and sleeps through the night. Having a well-rested, happy baby drastically transforms the experience of motherhood. Postpartum depression, anxiety, stress and overwhelm are significantly diminished allowing you to enjoy motherhood and your baby in a whole new way. Happier babies, happier mamas, happier marriages. Good sleep changes EVERYTHING.

Through clear, science-backed and attachment-focused interventions you can learn how to meet this crucial need for your child. There is no one-size fits all approach for babies, so you’ll learn the fundamental principles and be empowered to tune into YOUR baby to develop the perfect strategy. Whether you choose to incorporate cry it out components of sleep training or not, you and your baby can be happy, attached, thriving and well-rested!

Sleep Training Course Features

Over three hours of video content from The Peaceful Sleeper, Chrissy Lawler! Specially designed to be the one-stop-shop for all your sleep training questions!

You’ll learn the theories behind sleep training tactics. This will help you feel empowered and confident to understand and tackle any unique challenges that come your way.

A step-by-step approach that you can customize for you and your baby! All babies are different and it’s crucial to have the right tools to help you choose and implement/execute method that will really work!

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Your Family Needs Sleep


From the bottom of my heart I genuinely believe that when we sleep better, we ARE better. We have more love to give, we are more responsive, happier, less depressed, less anxious, more in love with our partners, and more engaged in our lives. My 10+ years of clinical experience have taught me that if we can get sleep managed, almost everything in our lives will improve.

My main goal is to help you meet your little one’s sleep needs so they can be happy and thriving. And I want to help you feel joy in motherhood. Let go fears of inadequacy, stress and overwhelm. You deserve to feel confident and empowered in motherhood and know that you can skillfully meet one of your baby’s greatest needs.

Days, on Average, Until Baby is Falling Asleep Independently

Said Sleep Training was easier than they expected

Hours per day on average is saved by parents that sleep train


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See What Other Moms Are Saying About this Course!

 “I absolutely loved working with Chrissy! I was at wits end with my 8 month old daughter who had no sleep schedule and still slept in bed with me and my husband. We thought it would be impossible to get my kid some type of sleep schedule after moving to three different countries/ continents after having her. Working with her changed my life, literally! I didn’t realize how much sleep my baby needed. She goes to bed early enough that my husband and I actually have time to spend together and even sometimes eat dinner alone! Also, s has scheduled naps during the day, and her mood has changed drastically! She is such a happy girl when she gets her sleep and naps!! Again, LIFE CHANGING!”

-Marissa P.

Toddler boy with a newborn baby. Las Vegas sleep consultants as The Peaceful Sleeper help newborns sleep better, toddlers learn good sleep habits and the whole family function!


16 reviews for Sleep Learning Essentials Course (4-24 Months)

  1. Colleen Brown (Verified Customer)

    SO so so so worth it!!! Chrissy is amazing. Ive used this course to help my daughter achieve better sleep and it works! My daughter sleeps great and doesn’t even cry when put down anymore. She is so happy, which makes mom happy!!

  2. Anna Latham (Verified Customer)

    Highly recommend! My baby boy wakes up so happy and ready to take on the day! Chrissy is like listening to a good friend for advice. Many great tips & money well spent! 😊

  3. Adriana Santek (Verified Customer)

    This program has a good and clear structure. But, what matters the most is the Chrissy’s approach. She is so relaxed and really has experience in the matter. Main part is learning your baby how to fall a sleep by himself and The main thing is that she shares different ways how to do that, for me important part was without the crying.
    She really gives you confidence to sleep train and to be relaxed about it.
    My baby likes to go to sleep because he knows how! 🙂

  4. Krista Hancock (Verified Customer)

    5 stars and would do more if I could. Sleep training has been a breeze with my 4 month old. This mama is so happy to have time to myself and with my hubby again that was so needed. So easy and gentle to implement the steps and my daughter took to it so well.

  5. Georgia Carvin (Verified Customer)

    Highly recommend Chrissy’s method over any other sleep training guides! She makes it so digestible and easy to follow while empowering you to make decisions based on your baby. This is not a one size fits all, she lays out all your options with variety of levels of crying. I was always against sleep training but Chrissy makes it much more approachable. We did the modified CIO and by day 3 he was asleep in 10 min and slept for 7 hours. This was a huge improvement from taking 90 minutes to get him asleep in the crib and then waking up every 2 hours. This course is a lifesaver!!

  6. Dara Fopiano

    Worth EVERY PENNY. I used this course to sleep train my baby and I am still using the troubleshooting guides months after! I love this course so much because it really helps you understand sleep training and it arms you with the knowledge of what to do when things don’t go as planned! (all the time!) This course helped me feel confident in my decisions as I navigated helping my child learn how to sleep. I constantly refer back to this during regressions, teething, illness…the list goes on! This course will change your life. It’ll make you a confident mom, help your baby sleep, and really get some of your life back. I have tried other courses but this one beats them all! Thanks Chrissy!

  7. Amy Okonsky (Verified Customer)

    This was the perfect course for us. We had done a ton of research about sleep but we couldn’t actually get our twins to do it. This method had us sleeping through the night in THREE days. I couldn’t say anything better than that.

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