Okay, this bug is the cutest thing in the whole world. We just love her so much. She is seriously the sweetest!


Her sleep is improving.

She always gets 3-4 hour stretches between feedings, but I’d love longer ones since I know she’s eating so well.

My milk is finally starting to regulate and I’m not as engorged anymore. And she’s getting a little more efficient while feeding, though night time feedings usually still take 45 minutes.


We had an AMAZING night Saturday night.

We went to the Clark County Fair Saturday, which meant a long drive there and back and being snuggled close all day in the moby wrap. Meaning… London slept ALL day long.

I was SO worried she was going to be up all night!

To combat this, I made sure she was awake from about 7-9 and then I fed her, crossed my fingers and we went to bed.


Then she slept until 8!!! I was in heaven.

Foolishly, I hoped we turned a corner and could expect 5-6 hours between feedings. Nope. Not so fast.

The next few days continued like before, eating every 3-4 hours.

Last night I tried keeping her up from 7-9ish again and she slept 4-5 hours at a time.

So, I’m going to aim for 90 minutes of solid awake time before bed and hope that’s the secret. More than that and she’s grumpy.

Bedtime and Swaddle

Most of the week was pretty consistent with:

  • 9/9:30 bedtime
  • Wake up at 12:30/1
  • Another wake up around 5
  • Pp for the day around 8:30.

Doable, but she’s also had some awake or restless time in the middle of the night.

She just squirms and wiggles so it may be gas or she just wants her paci put back in. Not sure yet.

She also seems to prefer a very tight swaddle but she likes having her legs curled up. So I have to be sure to swaddle her tight around her tummy but loose on her hips.

Mama Love!

PS, can I brag about my amazing mom for a second??

She’s here helping me for 2 weeks and she is having the baby sleep with HER! She brings me the baby when she needs to eat and then I give her back when I’m done.

Then, in the morning she gives me the full report and I can troubleshoot from there. She also takes my kids to school so I can sleep in. AMAZING. Please don’t leave. Ever.

Reflux Battle

The other pressing thing this week is reflux.

I’ve been going back and forth wondering if her discomfort is gas or reflux but tonight it was made VERY clear to me that we’re dealing with reflux.

Luckily, we see the doctor on Friday so we’ll get some medication then. 

In the evening, she is 1,000 times happier falling asleep on her tummy.

Before everyone gets stressed out by me saying that, she’s propped up ON ME on her tummy, not left alone. Babies should sleep on their backs only.

This is only when we’re hanging out awake at night and she’s getting ready to doze off.

I have two go-to positions that seem to relieve the most discomfort:

These positions work really well because in both her knees are bent under her in a way that will help push gas out if that’s the problem.

There’s also more pressure on the top part of her belly to help get burps out, and she can easily lay her head down and comfortably fall asleep when she’s ready.

Plus, she’s propped up which will alleviate discomfort from reflux. 


Week 2 has been a huge success and we’ve slowly seen consistent lengthening of sleep times between feedings.

She likes sleeping in the mamaroo because it keeps her at an incline.

Though you can’t spoil a newborn, I prefer to have the swing feature turned off so we’re not using it unless she needs it. It seems to work well to put her down in the mamaroo at 9:30 without the motion on, and then after she wakes up to eat in the middle of the night we turn it on low.

Here’s to hoping for a good night of sleep tonight, and more good sleep throughout the week!