Week 4

I can’t believe another week has come and gone! This last week was an absolute whirlwind! I went back to work and saw 22 clients and was on the news 4 times to promote an event. It was so nice to be back in the swing of things and, honestly, I thrive when I’m busy. But that was probably a little too busy! I’m looking forward to a slower pace next week.

Alright, let’s talk about sleep. Things are definitely getting into a rhythm. If you have a 4-week old hopefully you’re having the same experience. Her routine is predictable, she has the same-ish pattern every 2 ½ to 3 hours between feedings, and the nights are consistently longer than daytime stretches. We hold steady at 5 hour stretches at night but every few days she’ll surprise me with a longer one. Hallelujah! Last night she slept 7.5 hours!

My milk supply is regulated, finally, and she’s getting pretty efficient at nursing. Night time feedings usually last 30-40 min and daytime feedings are closer to 20 minutes. Around 4 weeks a lot of mamas start to feel like they’re finding a groove. If you’re not in a groove yet, don’t fret. You’ll get there. If you’re still feeling super duper overwhelmed take a gander over here and read about my experiences with post-partum depression and self-care. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Motherhood is hard and hormones are crazy.

Lots of moms also start to get impatient that their post-partum body isn’t bouncing back as quickly as they’d like. DON’T diet. Your baby needs all those nutrients. Eat cleaner if you want to, sure, but don’t restrict your caloric intake. You will be eating way more than you did when you were pregnant—you’re still nourishing a full human entirely from your body, and now she’s not on the inside anymore squishing your stomach capacity. Be patient with yourself. It took 9 months to make a baby and may take just as long to bounce back.

You may find yourself with a discontented newborn. There are several reasons for this:

  • Reflux- read more about that here
  • Gas
  • Milk intolerances
  • Over-tiredness
  • Over-stimulation

Your baby is probably more alert than she was a few weeks ago. This may mean that she needs more help going to sleep. Remember, you can’t spoil a newborn so go ahead and rock her to sleep, use the swing, snuggle her, wear her in a backpack or wrap, etc. And don’t forget to swaddle that baby up tight! Swaddle tutorial here. Lots of parents think their babies don’t like to be swaddled, but my experience shows that most often the swaddle is just too loose.

Our aim right now is to do whatever we can to make our babies as happy as possible. We’ll work on fostering good habits and self-soothing later. Right now, the most important thing is that they’re getting good meals and good sleep. Preventing over-tiredness now sets the stage for smooth sleep training in a few months. Remember, tiny babies don’t like to be awake for more than an hour or so at a time.


Happy Sleeping!




Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out!