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Your path to a career that is rewarding, fulfilling, and flexible.

Become a Peaceful Sleeper Baby Sleep Consultant

Have you ever had a career that was fulfilling? Like, deeply fulfilling? If not, it’s about dang time you start. It is THE. BEST. feeling in the world. 

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but the journey to becoming a mother is a whirlwind. It’s overwhelming and vulnerable yet sacred and magical. It’s tender. New moms feel the highest highs and the lowest lows.

New moms are flooded with information. “Shoulds” that ultimately confuse them and make them feel like sh*t. And on top of that, they’re tired. So, so tired. And here’s the thing, if they could get more sleep they’d feel better. They’d be able to experience more of the joys and magical moments of motherhood and less of the… not joyful parts. You know what I’m talking about—the snappy moments with your partner because you’re on edge and exhausted. Or those soul-crushing moments when you look at your sweet tender little babe, red-faced and crying in your arms and you feel like you’re failing. 

And that’s where we come in.

As a baby sleep consultant we get to add more of those perfect, joyful moments and take away some of the shit show moments. We get to empower moms with confidence. And we get to teach them how to get great sleep. Because when everybody sleeps, everybody wins.

woman training to become a baby sleep consultant | The Peaceful Sleeper
group of women training to become infant sleep consultants | The Peaceful Sleeper

Let’s Talk About You

Every woman has a calling. I believe that on a deep, soul level. You’ve probably had jobs before. And if you’re lucky, you may have had jobs that come close to fulfilling you. Once you add kids into the mix, you might have experienced a tug at your heart though. For many of us, our jobs don’t lend themselves well to the blend we want of professional, personal and family fulfillment. 

The Peaceful Sleeper and becoming an infant sleep consultant can do just that, and I want to share it with you. You can work from home, doing something you love, choose your own hours, and make an actual difference in the world. 

Whether you’re looking for a side hustle to earn some extra cash, or want to dive into a new career, being a Peaceful Sleeper Consultant can be whatever you want and need it to be. It’s creative, strategic, entrepreneurial, family-friendly, service-oriented, empowering, and lucrative.

Becoming a baby sleep consultant is the perfect mom job. You can and should feel fulfilled outside of the home too. You can make a difference, help others in a super important way, watch transformations happen, AND get appreciated! 

The best part is, you’re joining the Peaceful Sleeper Fam. So if any of that feels daunting, we’ve got support for you along the way. 

Our model is unlike any other. Not only will you become a certified sleep consultant, with all of the skills and tools needed to help babies and families sleep well. But you also get all of the technology and support needed to create a business that thrives. We’re so sure of it, we GUARANTEE it. 

Make a Difference

Earn up to $70 per hour as an infant sleep consultant doing work that you love, while genuinely helping others!

mom and dad trying to get their babies to sleep | The Peaceful Sleeper

Change Lives

When babies are sleeping better, the whole family system thrives! Babies are happier, parents are happier, and marriages are stronger. Good sleep changes everything!

female baby sleep consultant working from home | The Peaceful Sleeper

Business made simple!

Side-step the not-so-fun parts of running a business and enjoy having a website, marketing strategy, customer interface, and more already created for you!

young mom enjoying her career as an infant sleep trainer | The Peaceful Sleeper

Work When You Want!

The freedom and flexibility to build your business anytime, anywhere.

See What Other Peaceful Sleeper Consultants Think!

Being a Peaceful Sleeper Consultant has been life changing. When I had my first baby I left my “9-5” career; I loved being home, but missed the sense of fulfillment that came from work and contributing to our income. When the opportunity came to work as a Sleep Consultant it was the answer to the missing piece of my personal puzzle. I love having control over my hours; I can be fully present for my family and work when my baby is sleeping. The added income is the perfect supplement to help us achieve goals that would otherwise be set back a year or two. And knowing I’m actually making a difference in my client’s lives, teaching them methods that actually work and can adapt for their specific situations, brings me so much joy! My life, my family’s lives, are forever changed and blessed because of this job.

Ashley Moore

I absolutely love being a sleep consultant! I have been a sleep consultant with The Peaceful Sleeper for over 5 years and have helped so many families sleep train their little ones. The job is extremely rewarding and flexible. I am able to schedule my days around my family and their activities and needs. I am also able to work from any location and I've worked while traveling! I absolutely love getting to know my clients and their individual families' needs and lifestyle. It is so fun building those relationships. I love seeing all the small and big wins along the way during sleep training. Every consultation is different and it keeps my schedule interesting and enjoyable. This is such a rewarding and fulfilling job. I love helping families get the sleep and freedom they need and deserve.

Britta Mosman

Becoming a Peaceful Sleeper consultant has changed my life! There is so much joy to be found in bonding with families and empowering them to tune into their baby’s unique sleep needs. Collaborating with caregivers, coming up with a plan, and cheering them on as their baby achieves their sleep goals is incredibly fulfilling! I feel so lucky to have found a passion that has allowed me to create my own schedule, work in my PJs on my sofa, and generates so much cash. I can’t wait for the day I can convince my husband to join me in renting out a beach house for a few weeks while I schedule a sleep calls in the morning and spend the rest of the day with my feet in the sand. Best job ever!

Susannah Major

Baby Sleep Consultant Certification Program

It’s Science

Understand the science of infant and toddler sleep, infant neurobiology, attachment, and how to utilize this scientific understanding to foster better sleep easily

Tricky Babies

Learn a variety of strategies and interventions for even the trickiest babies, so you can approach each situation with confidence and effectively help in all types of situations.


Understand and implement evidence-based practices for newborn sleep optimization, including the primary hurdles that come up for families of newborns and how to overcome them

Customer Relationships

Learn how to help each family find success, and become your raving fans and referral sources in the process.

Sleep Training

Help families teach their infants and toddlers to fall asleep independently and sleep all night long, utilizing a variety of methods and approaches.

Collaborating with a Care Team

Learn how to work together with all members of the family’s care team to provide customers with a cohesive approach that meets all of their goals. Learn when and how to expand the care team when necessary.

Pricing & What’s included

Training and Setup Pricing: $6,499

4-day Retreat (In-Person Only)
Complete Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant Certification
  • Peaceful Sleeper Consultant Handbook
  • Shadow three consultations
  • Three supervised sleep consultations
  • Certification Exam
Social Media Business Intensive
  • Creating Engaging Content that Converts
  • Reaching Your Ideal Clients
  • Selling that doesn’t feel sleazy
  • Secrets to successful to Instagram stories, posts, and reels
  • Understanding TikTok
  • Collaborating with influencers and brands
  • Optimizing Hastags
Elite Business Startup
  • Making connections and mastering in-person marketing
  • Getting referrals from mom/baby care professionals
  • Using your print and digital marketing tools to maximize your business
  • Complicated techy-web stuff for dummies
  • Small business start up: understanding licenses, taxes, insurance and more
Q&A Sessions

Maintenance And Technology Fee: $249/mo

Use of The Peaceful Sleeper Name & Brand

Use of The Peaceful Sleeper Name:

Instead of starting from scratch building a name as “Kayla’s Sleep Shop” you get the advantage of an internationally recognized brand. “Peaceful Sleeper Kayla” gets a head start in creating a name and reputation for herself. Your potential clients come in with confidence and trust in the caliber of your sleep training services and knowing what to expect. And you get to springboard off a brand name with established search engine optimization and a social presence.

(If you’re in the mood for a delicious chicken sandwich, you’re more likely to go to your local chick fil a with confidence knowing what to expect than taking a chance on Sam’s chicken shop)

Use of The Peaceful Sleeper brand:

This includes logos, brand colors, fonts, etc. You also get to utilize and sell The Peaceful Sleeper courses and guides, use our protected Intellectual Property (IP), customer experience optimization systems and more.

Custom Peaceful Sleeper Landing Page
  • No need to worry about web design, hosting and all the techy stuff, we’ll create a landing page for you where customers can see the services you offer, buy packages and more.
  • Custom link and QR code. Send potential customers right to your web page from business cards, flyers and more
Personal Contact List

Unique contact list for all potential customers who sign up for the email series from your unique link. Let’s say you leave a stack of cards at your pediatrician’s office and Tanya signs up for our free email series. You’ll be alerted and can send her a personalized welcome email. 

Marketing Bundle


  • Business card templates
  • Postcard templates
  • Flyer templates
  • Instagram story and post backgrounds from our graphic designer
  • Font and color codes to brand continuity
  • The Peaceful Sleeper logo files

20% commissions on all courses and guide packs—no need to spend thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars creating stellar content. You can provide those to your customers and get 20% commissions on all courses and guides purchased from your unique link.

Remember Tanya who found your flyer at her pediatrician’s office? If she signs up for the email series and then buys a course 3 months later, you still get the credit (and commission) for it!


Personal Baby Sleep Consultations with your clients will be the majority of your revenue. The percentages will looks like this:

  • You keep 70% of the consultation fee if you found the client. For example, if you meet someone at your local park or get a referral from a doula in town and then they purchase a consultation, you’ll get 70% of that fee. So if they pay $100 for an hour consult, you’ll get $70.
  • Remember Tanya from our example above? She found your flyer at her pediatrician’s office and signed up for the emails. You get 70% of those consultations too.
  • If you collaborate with an influencer to sleep train her baby and she posts your link, you’ll get those commissions from courses and guides AND 70% of any consultations that come in.
  • You keep 50% of the consultation fee if you got the client directly from The Peaceful Sleeper. For example, if someone buys a 4-24 month basic package and is assigned to you for a free 10-minute consultation and you sell them an hour-long consultation, you’ll keep 50% of the fee.
  • If we get consultation purchases from our site, emails or Facebook group for a consultation that we pass off to you, you’ll get 50%.
Ongoing Support

In addition to Mon-Fri email support we’ll hold monthly office hours in the following areas:

  • Talk to a Master Peaceful Sleeper Consultant where you can ask questions, troubleshoot difficult client situations, etc.
  • Meet with Chrissy to discuss business strategy and marketing tips
  • Get with someone on our tech team to ask questions regarding all of the software you have access to
Exclusive Facebook Group

You’ll have access to an exclusive Facebook group with other Peaceful Sleeper Consultants where you can support each other, ask questions, and troubleshoot tricky situations together.

Investment Guarantee

Our Investment Guarantee is unlike any other in this industry! We are so confident that you will be set up with all of the necessary the tools for success, we guarantee that you’ll make your initial investment back in your first year or we’ll give you a full refund!*

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be a Certified Sleep Consultant?

Yes! Our 4-day training program and retreat is the first step to becoming a Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant. At the retreat, you will learn all the fundamental information about baby and toddler sleep and how to optimize it. You will then become fully certified after you pass the certification exam and have 3 supervised sleep consultations.

Is this an MLM?

No! I’m not here to knock MLMs, but that’s just not what this model is. It’s a licensing model. It’s similar in many ways to a franchise, but without quite as much oversight and control over you. You pay your upfront fee to be trained and certified in the Peaceful Sleeper Method and then you pay a monthly licensing and technology fee to get the back end business support and the use of the peaceful sleeper name. You get to start your own business, with support and leads from the Peaceful Sleeper Corporate, but can also go out and find your own leads and create your own opportunities. We give you the backbone of a business, and you get to tailor it to be what you want it to be, with the advantage of having the overwhelming, techy stuff done for you, and an internationally recongnized name paving the path. 

Think of Zumba– they operate with a similar licensing model. It’s a fitness format that people love and a name that is internationally recognized, so those interested get trained and certified to be a instructor and have monthly licensing fees to be able to advertise with that name. Sally-fitness-instructor is going to have a headstart when she starts “Sally’s zumba class” rather than if she were to start “Sally’s salsa-dance-aerobics-class”. 

(It’s not quite a franchise because I want you to have more autonomy and be able to creatively build a business your way. For example, if you think of franchises like Crumbl or Nothing Bundt Cakes, you have to follow their exact recipes, with only their approved flavors, and you have to buy the exact butter they tell you to. There are lots of advantages to building a business with them, right? Like people know exactly what they can expect from a Crumbl in different locations, and “Kate’s cookie shop” would likely grow much slower than a new Crumbl location, BUT the business owner has far less autonomy to be creative with how she wants to create her business.) 

While we’d love if you’re thrilled with your experience and refer other friends to the Peaceful Sleeper Academy, we don’t have complicated uplines and downlines that are central to the MLM model. If you share this program with a friend who joins, you won’t get a commission off of her sales or consultations, and you don’t have 5 people above you that are profiting off of your hard work.

Will I be an employee?

No. You get to be an independent contractor, starting your own Peaceful Sleeper business. We will support you with loads of resources and ideas for marketing and leads, but you get to create your own business your way. All purchases will flow through the Peaceful Sleeper main site so that your customers will have their regular portal to access courses and guides, and we have back-end systems in place like waivers, credit card purchase protection and customer service to make sure everything flows smoothly for you and your clients.

How much will I make?

As much as you want to! We’ll dive into more of this at the retreat, but I am committed to you building your dream business. If you’re looking for a side hustle to add a few hundred dollars of flex spending money to your pocket every month, awesome. If you’re looking to replace your full-time income it can absolutely be that too. 

You will make 20% commissions on all courses and guides that you sell and 50-70% of all consultations. If you get leads directly from The Peaceful Sleeper, you’ll get 50%, but if they’re leads generated by you, you’ll get 70%. So you’ll earn roughly $20 per course you sell and $50-70 per hour of consultations. 

What is the Investment guarantee?

We are so confident that you will be armed with all of the tools and systems necessary to be successful, we guarantee it. If you diligently implement the suggestions you’re given and follow the success formula you’ll learn about at the retreat and you haven’t earned back your initial investment in the first year, we’ll give you a full refund. The refund applies to your initial training and setup fee and doesn’t include the monthly fee.

Are payment plans available?
Why should I choose The Peaceful Sleeper Academy over other certification programs?

The Peaceful Sleeper Method is comprehensive and broad, recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for families. As such, you will learn several different strategies for each sleep challenge that arises and will learn how to tune into each family and each baby to tailor your recommendations to work for them. 

In addition to getting the skills necessary to be a competent sleep consultant, you will be empowered with a business backbone, and will also have the support along the way when you run into challenges with clients, need fresh ideas and new strategies. You’re not just entering the world of sleep consulting from scratch, needing to develop your own courses, guides, content, email flows, marketing materials, branding, etc. You will be a Peaceful Sleeper Consultant with access to our name, content, intellectual property, strategies, marketing materials, and customer acquisition tools.

Is there an online certification option?

No, not currently. For those outside of the US desiring to be a Peaceful Sleeper Consultant, we will have a virtual training option within the next year. But if you live in the United States, in-person training is mandatory. This is because our training and certification retreat includes so much more than learning to be any old sleep consultant. At the Peaceful Sleeper, we value excellence and there’s just too much lost in virtual, self-paced formats sometimes.

What are the ongoing requirements and obligations?

Once you graduate from The Peaceful Sleeper Academy, you are required to pay the monthly licensing and technology fee ($249/mo) to maintain your certification and ability to license the Peaceful Sleeper name, access your unique website, etc. Consultants are also required to maintain professional liability insurance and pass a background check. 

What happens if I'm not selected?

Just because you weren’t selected this round doesn’t mean you won’t be next time! We’ll have a waitlist for all the people who are qualified and just, for one reason or another, weren’t picked. You then will have first priority when the next round of training happens.