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With the most tuned-in, science-backed, and comprehensive approach to baby sleep on the market, we’re confident you will LOVE all of our content libraries and consultations.

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0-4 Months Content Library Reviews

I bought this course when I was deep in the overwhelm of newborn life with my 4 week old. Now at 7 weeks, I feel so much more empowered and confident that I can meet my baby’s needs after the tools this course provided me with! SO glad I purchased — truly one of the best newborn investments.

You need this! As a first time mom myself, I came home so confused and defeated when it came to newborn sleep. I finally reached out, & was told about all that this package had to offer. Get the package! It is packed with such great information for newborn sleep, and even includes some postpartum mental health information for mama! I also love that this is not a one time use package. I love that I can log into my account at any time and reference the resources. Get it! You won’t regret it.

This course is AMAZING even if you think you know newborn sleep! I took this with my second baby AFTER taking a different one for my first, and found this to be so much more helpful and effective. I feel actually relaxed and confident about newborn sleep and realistic expectations, and can’t wait to use the 4-24 month course.

You know when you learn something .. and it LITERALLY CHANGES YOUR LIFE?! Well, The Peaceful Sleeper did that for me in the most positive way possible! My sisters & cousins all use it & told me to get it! but my hubby told me no because of $$.. well when my baby was 8 weeks old & I was almost in tears from exhaustion. I bought it! No regrets because it has SAVED US!! He has apologized and agrees we should have gotten it before she was born so we could have been better equipped and saved our sanity the first 8 weeks haha everyone I have made get it has messaged me saying THANK you for sending them such a helpful resource! So this is me.. telling you to get it! You’ll thank me! 💚

4-24 Months Content Library Reviews

I purchased your course after several months of trying different tactics to sleep learning. We tried tips from your course tonight and our girl fell asleep on her own after 17 minutes and a check in after 10. I truly love that you teach to be in tune with what your baby needs and respond accordingly. This is what we were missing from every other method we tried. Thank you for putting together this course in a digestible format and providing so many resources both in the course and on your social pages. I cannot recommend enough if other methods are not feeling like the right fit.

The peaceful sleeper has been a life saver truly! With my first 2 girls I didn’t have it and I was sleeping in a recliner for 9 months and then it was a struggle to get them to nap or sleep through the night til they were easily 2 years old for both girls! I didn’t know any different and I found the peaceful sleeper and my 3rd girl I couldn’t believe it was possible to sleep and have her sleep all night! I recommend this program to every mom new or having another! Thank you from my sanity♡

This course helped me feel so confident in helping my 4 month old learn to sleep on his own! We used the modified approach and I didn’t feel like it was too hard on us at all. He was much more capable than I thought he was, and he was putting himself to sleep within 3 or 4 nights. I also LOVE that this course let me use my “mommas intuition” on certain things and didn’t make me feel bad about it. Like nursing in the middle of the night! I knew my then 4 month old still needed to nurse, and this course allows and actually encourages it below a certain age. It’s been wonderful for our family!

I can’t recommend this enough. My baby went from waking all throughout the night to waking maybe 1-2 times at 5 months old. Not to mention we went from 30 min naps ONLY to sleeping 1-2hrs consistently at each nap. I’m feeling like myself again, and it’s all to thus program. It’s so accessible and has a variation that works for any parenting style. Highly recommend!

2-5 Years Content Library Reviews

Bought this when my 2 year old started the power struggle at bedtime. It was certainly helpful the bedtime board was a big hit! Bonus we received lots of other tips like potty training which has also been a sore spot! Great to have this in your back pocket.

This guide was a lifesaver! Our 2 year old was sleeping great in her own bed and then out of nowhere she was having major issues. She’s always had separation anxiety but it really started to manifest itself at bedtime. She was also having nightmares and would fight going to bed and usually end up crying in our room some time during the night. It was exhausting for all of us. I purchased this guide and used several of the suggestions and within a week things had significantly improved! We were all getting much needed sleep. She still has moments of struggle and fears but nothing compared to where we were at! So grateful for these troubleshooting guides!


Sleep training has changed my life. I have Two toddlers at the moment. One is three. He sleeps in his own room on a twin sized bed. The other is almost two and sleeps on a toddler bed in her own room. In a couple months we are having another baby! These guides and the book have saved my sanity and all of our sleep. I have The newborn guide packed in my hospital bag and ready to go!

Chrissy is amazing!!! This troubleshooting guide helped us to transition our 2.5 year old to a big kid bed without the power struggles and drama. Her tips and tricks gave our daughter the confidence to sleep in her big bed all by herself and now my husband and I can put her to bed with peace of mind! Her knowledge saved us so much time and trouble! We are so grateful!

Peaceful Sleeper Consultation Reviews

We have had a couple of phone consults with Ashley. She is wonderful and a life saver. It’s been some of the best money we have spent – very down to earth advice for scheduling naps and bedtime, tips and tricks for issues, and general support for anything sleep related. I recommend Peaceful Sleeper to everyone with babies that I know. Our family can’t thank the team enough!

We did a consult with Susannah just to help us get set up for success on the transition to one nap and as I have continually found, we walked away with confidence about our approach and how successful we would be as we take this on. We’ve had a chronic early waker, albeit one that puts himself to sleep and sleeps all night thanks to Chrissy, and we were worried about the transition to one nap when it doesn’t feel like could ever make it past 9am for his first nap. Susannah gave us strategies and reassurance and so far we are moving in the right direction. So glad that we got the support, it’s 100% worth it every time.

I’ve worked with Susannah on three separate occasions and I cannot recommend consulting with her and the rest of the Peaceful Sleeper team enough! Susannah was so helpful in explaining what was probably causing any hiccups (big or small) in our baby’s sleep, and she gave us several options to work with to get back to everyone getting a good night’s sleep! I feel much more confident in our abilities to help our baby sleep with the PS team’s guidance!

I had a consultation with Ashley and she was absolutely amazing! She was so sweet and direct to make sure we used our 30 min to the maximum. I took her advice on night time wake ups and my 15 month old went from waking up 3-5 times a night to one in 2 days! By the end of the week he slept for 11 hours straight for the first time EVER! And his nap went from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours! Seriously if you are having troubles don’t sleep on booking a consultation! It was so nice to be reassured on what to do next. Thanks Ashley!!

Do You Currently…

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Spend hours each night rocking baby to sleep?

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Put baby down for a nap, only to hear them up in 10 minutes?

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Feel burned out & like you've lost your sense of self from lack of sleep?

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Spend your days piecing together sleep info from Instagram & random blogs?

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Not remember the last time you had a good night of sleep?

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Dread nighttime out of the fear that you don't know how it's going to go?

Can You Imagine…

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Putting baby down at night knowing they'll fall asleep on their own

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Having a consistent nap schedule that lasts more than 15-20 minutes

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Getting the sleep YOU need to be the most loving & engaged mama possible

If any of that resonates with you, The Peaceful Sleeper is exactly what you need!


Video Courses

presented in easy-to-understand modules

Personalized Consultations

to troubleshoot sleep issues & create a custom sleep plan



for easily referencing material at any time

The Peaceful Sleeper vs Other Sleep Courses

 It can feel overwhelming with all the choices out there; see how we stack up compared to the other sleep courses!


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Why Mamas Like You LOVE The Peaceful Sleeper Method

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Meet Chrissy:

The Peaceful Sleeper

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, practicing for over 13 years. I dedicated my graduate education to researching attachment, and my post-graduate education to understanding the science of sleep as well as uncovering what it takes for women to thrive (and not just survive) in motherhood and marriage.

When I had my first baby, I was sleep deprived and felt SO overwhelmed. As I tried to figure out how to be a good mom, I felt lost in the contradictory and often “shame-y” information out there, especially about sleep. I knew there had to be a better way to connect with and teach parents without making them feel like sh*t.

So I set out to do ALL of the research and I created a method to optimize baby sleep that is tuned in, empowering and WORKS. There absolutely should be joy in motherhood, and I have learned that every baby CAN get better sleep!

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As Featured On:

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Join 100,000+ Mamas Who Love The Peaceful Sleeper Method

Okay, I am ecstatic!! Not only is our baby sleeping great now, but I swear your program helped him overall. He doesn’t scream in his car seat anymore, he’s calm and can do independent play, and he is just an overall happier baby! It’s been a night and day difference. The first few months of his life were SO hard, but now we feel like we have the energy to just enjoy and soak up every minute of our baby. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!


I got the course and learned SO much about sleep learning. I gained so much confidence in my ability to sleep train my baby. She did amazingly well with the sleep learning and it almost seemed like she was relieved to have consistency and for me to know her sleep cues and when she would be tired. She caught on so quickly and learned how to soothe herself and be calm and confident enough to sleep through the night. The course gave me knowledge and confidence so that I could teach her and have her have comfort and confidence in me and herself.


This course has helped so much with my little one’s sleep schedule! I was looking for something simple and straight-forward to tell me what to do and when in terms of sleep training, and this is it! I now feel so much more confident throughout our day, and don’t panic when something gets thrown off because this guide has helped me navigate those curve balls. Within a couple days of purchasing this package, my 6 month old was sleeping through the night, 12 hour stretches! Im so thankful that we’re all sleeping better.

Camille S.

Purchased this when our 3.5mo started the 4mo sleep regression. Before that we were told we were so lucky to have a great sleeper so it was a huge shock to be up all night and fight every nap. Started training the day after she turned 4 months and that night she fell asleep on her own within a few minutes. This package is great because she offers tips and insight into the many types of scenarios that occur and gives you the tools to troubleshoot based on your baby’s needs. Its like listening to a friends advice who actually knows! Its great to have this foundation and guide which helps everything else fall into place! We get a lot of comments that our baby is so happy and calm. She sleeps well!!

Alisa Z.

Real Mama’s Experiences with The Peaceful Sleeper Method!

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More Reviews from Mamas Like You!

47 reviews for 4-24 Months Content Library

  1. Madison (Verified Customer)

    The peaceful sleeper was a life saver! My girl would only take crap naps and not sleep in her crib longer than an hour. After the consultation and the tips and tricks from this program has SAVED me. My girl sleeps all night and takes longer naps now! Can’t recommend this program enough!!

  2. Sydney Corbett (Verified Customer)

    We’ve been doing the modified modified program for over 2 weeks and my 10 month old little guy can put himself to sleep now – no more rocking for 10 minutes just to have him wake up the second I put him down! We are still working on night wakings and nap lengthening (we paused further sleep learning for a few days for a yucky cold). I love that the program is flexible and you can adapt it to what works best for you and your baby. I didn’t want to do extinction or crying for long periods so I’m glad that this program had different options to choose from!

  3. Ashley Teasdale (Verified Customer)

    The videos are well made and provide evidence-based guidance on sleep learning strategies in an accessible way. When getting started and things felt hard, I often repeated to myself Chrissy’s comments on attachment and ”protest” to encourage myself to keep going. We are now 3 weeks in, and my 4 month old consistently falls asleep on his own with minimal fussing. We are finally free from contact naps! We still have some progress to make, but I feel enabled to do so at our own pace. Also, I definitely recommend the one-time consultation option! I almost canceled but then found it extremely helpful to be able to ask specific questions and receive additional support. We are very grateful for this program and will recommend it to friends!

  4. Courtney Adams

    Baby's Age : 4 months & 2

    My husband and I have tried many methods of sleep training with our toddler and they have not worked. THIS saved us. Between the different approaches and small changes to do what works for us, our daughter is finally able to put herself to sleep and will sleep all night. We’re excited to start this with our 4 month old soon too.

  5. Anna Tuinenga (Verified Customer)

    Baby's Age : 5 months

    This program has been super helpful for us! We were trying to do independent sleep but were still doing a lot of rocking and settling and were up multiple times a night and often up for an hour+ at a time. My baby now puts herself to sleep in 10 minutes and most nights has been sleeping without a waking until 6am and then back down until 7am or 730am after that feed. And it’s only been 2 weeks! We saw nearly instant improvement too working towards this. We are still working on lengthening naps as she is a chronic cat napper. We’ve had a some sparse nap wins so hoping these become more regular. Feeling hopeful and better than I’ve felt since birth. Getting sleep gives you a new lease on life!

  6. Lauren Packer (Verified Customer)

    Baby's Age : 4 months

    This course completely changed my quality of life! I was nap trapped 90% of the day and had no freedom. My baby could not fall asleep or stay asleep without me holding her and there were at least 5 night awakenings. We did the course and she got the hang of it on the third day and then everything improved! She slept for longer stretches in the night, her naps were longer, and she put herself to sleep in less than 10 minutes! I love that I didn’t have to make her cry it out all night and that there were different options of training that fit our family. I feel like a human again now that I’m not trapped in the nursery for the majority of the day. This course is amazing and I recommend it to everyone.

  7. Marisa Russell (Verified Customer)

    Baby's Age : 4 months

    My baby was struggling with naps and going to bed at night. I was endlessly rocking her to sleep and something really needed to change. I purchased this sleep course and only by day 3 I see huge improvements. My baby is able to self soothe to sleep!!

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Why The Peaceful Sleeper?

Giving your little one the gift of sleep is one of the most beneficial things you can ever do for them. Good sleep helps your baby develop physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.  Having a well-rested, happy baby drastically transforms the experience of motherhood. Postpartum depression, anxiety, stress and overwhelm are significantly diminished allowing you to enjoy motherhood and your baby in a whole new way. Happier babies, happier mamas, happier marriages. Good sleep changes EVERYTHING.