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Benefits of Baby Sleep Training

Sleep is one of our most basic human needs, and it’s critical to our survival, happiness, and general well-being. But, sleeping well is a skill that your baby doesn’t always come by naturally. That’s where baby sleep training comes in. She needs your help to develop healthy patterns and become a great sleeper. It’s not as hard as you think to sleep train a baby! And, it’s one of the best things you can do for her growth and development physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.
Plus, when your baby has great sleep habits you can also get the sleep you need. Don’t be fooled, sleep training isn’t selfish. Everything flows more smoothly when sleep is in the win column for the whole family.

Your Family Needs Sleep

From the bottom of my heart I genuinely believe that when we sleep better, we ARE better. We have more love to give, we are more responsive, we are happier, less depressed, less anxious, more in love with our spouses, and more engaged in our lives. If people can get sleep managed, almost everything in their lives will run more smoothly.
It’s my main goal to help you feel joy in motherhood. I want to help diminish the “mom guilt” and the fears of inadequacy that you inevitably experience. You deserve to feel confident and competent. I want you to rest assured, knowing that you’ve done your homework and that you can skillfully meet one of your baby’s greatest needs. Let’s put sleep in the “win” column for the whole family. My promise is, if you and your baby are getting good sleep, your lives will improve in so many ways.

Baby sleeping, wrapped up in a blanket on a sheepskin in a basket. Newborn sleeping, snuggling a bear. Baby Sleep Training Reviews | The Peaceful Sleeper “I absolutely loved working with Christine! I was at wits end with my 8 month old daughter who had no sleep schedule and still slept in bed with me and my husband. We thought it would be impossible to get my kid some type of sleep schedule after moving to three different countries/ continents after having her. Working with her changed my life, literally! I didn’t realize how much sleep my baby needed. She goes to bed early enough that my husband and I actually have time to spend together and even sometimes eat dinner alone! Also, s has scheduled naps during the day, and her mood has changed drastically! She is such a happy girl when she gets her sleep and naps!! Again, LIFE CHANGING! “
-Marissa P.

Personalized, Expert Sleep Services for the Whole Family

As a sleep consultant, I’m on a mission to help your entire family sleep better. Are you sick of feeling groggy and foggy? I also offer a variety of sleep training resources for baby sleep training including 25 affordable sleep training guides and a newborn sleep essential course.  I even offer an online adult insomnia course based on effective CBT-I principles to help the adults win the household sleep better. Lastly, I offer individual sleep consultations and even an exclusive executive sleep package for maximum sleep training support.  

Baby Sleep Training

Photo of little girl on fuzzy pink carpet. She feels happy after a good night of sleep. Our Las Vegas based infant sleep consultants can help your baby, newborn or toddler sleep better!

Looking for a way to reclaim sleep for yourself or your little one? Our baby guides provide you with simple steps and tricks to help your family get the sleep it deserves. Get your sleep and a little bit of sanity back with our in-depth sleep guides and personalized baby sleep coaching.

Learn more about baby sleep training.

Toddler Sleep Training

Photo of a baby girl laying in a white fur blanket showing how our Las Vegas infant sleep consultants help you learn how to help newborns, babies or toddlers sleep better

Is your toddler giving you a run for your money? Whether he’s never slept well or these sleep issues are brand new, your toddler can learn to be an amazing sleeper too. From getting out of bed 8 million times at night to waking up at the crack of dawn, I’ve got solutions for you.

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Adult Sleep Training

Photo of a mom sleeping representing how our online course for insomnia can help you sleep better!

Sleep training isn’t just for kids, adults often need coaching as well. If insomnia is keeping you up at night, let me help you get the sleep you need. Clinically proven to be the most effective treatment for insomnia, CBT-I boasts an 85% success rate. Let’s get you sleeping!

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