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Toddler Sleep Training

So your toddler is having trouble sleeping and you need some help. Toddlers are known for throwing new wrenches into everything you thought would be easy.

I’m glad you’re here. By using a few simple principles and running through some specific toddler situations you can get back to sleeping through the night. All night. In your own bed. With your partner. Alone. Until a reasonable hour in the morning.

You’re Upset Your Toddler Won’t Sleep

Toddler baby boy asleep with a kitten on cream sheets to represent how toddler sleep training can help toddlers who won't sleep.If you’re here, it’s because you’re tired of your toddler not sleeping.  At this point, your whole family needs to sleep better. I can probably read your mind:

  1. Your little guy has never slept well. It’s always been a struggle, but now that you’re fighting daily battles and tantrums over things like lollipops for dinner, you just can’t do the bedtime battles anymore. Maybe you have another baby and you can’t bend over backwards to facilitate sleep for your big guy like you used to. Or you’re ready to reclaim your own sleep or your own bed. In any case, you want your toddler to sleep better than he is now! Help!
  2. What the heck?! My baby used to sleep great and now everything is all messed up! What happened, and how do I fix it??
  3. Or some combination of the two. Your baby was an okay sleeper and you were in a routine that worked… but it’s not working anymore. You need some concrete tools to troubleshoot the toddler sleep issues you’re facing.

Common Toddler Sleep Problems

Every toddler, and every family is different.  Therefore, your journey to better sleep is unique as well.  However, I see many of the same issues come up for families with toddlers.

Wherever you are in sleep journey, toddlerhood will bring up some interesting new challenges. Some of the most common issues are:

  • Waking up too earlyToddler boy waking his mom up while both parents sleep in bed. This is a common sleep problem for toddlers that I can help with as a toddler sleep training consultant.
  • Staying up too late
  • Stalling bedtime (I need a drink, I need to tell you something)
  • Protesting sleep and naps
  • Waking up in the middle of the night
  • Nightmares
  • Dropping nap time
  • Not staying in bed
  • Sleeping in mom & dad’s bed
  • Taking away bottle/paci/thumbsucking
  • Transitioning to a big kid bed
  • Getting a new baby brother or sister

It’s Common for Toddlers to Struggle with Sleep

Photo of a small toddler laying on a fur blanket for Toddler Sleep Training Services | The Peaceful Sleeper

Rest assured, mama, this is all a totally normal part of the developmental process. It’s frustrating for sure. But normal.

Many moms feel like they’re doing wrong when their toddler won’t sleep.  But the truth is, how well your child sleeps has nothing to do with how great of a mom you are.  It’s just a normal part of the process that your toddler struggles sometimes.  

This is a busy time in your toddler’s life.  Most toddlers develop FOMO (fear of missing out) at some point and will do anything to be able to stay up.  Other kiddos struggle with separation anxiety popping back up in the toddler years.  Then, some kids around this age start to have bad dreams or nightmares.

Tired mama, you aren’t alone. If you have a toddler that won’t sleep, I’m here to help. Whether you download my sleep training guides or schedule a 1:1 toddler sleep training consultation, I’m here to help.  I’ll give you some basic tips, share some creative ideas for solutions to your sleep problems and then we’ll find ways to individualize these things to your child and family.

You don’t have to settle for crummy sleep.  It’s time to begin toddler sleep training, to teach your toddler sleep skills that will help for a lifetime and for everyone in your house to start sleeping. Because when you sleep better, you are better.

Toddler Sleep Training Guides

I recommend that most parents start by check out my toddler troubleshooting guides. These help you to “do it yourself” when it comes to sleep training your toddler. You’ll find guides for each of these issues with a load of suggestions for you to try. My toddler sleep training guides are also a very affordable option as most are only a few dollars. In these sleep training guides, I’ll address some of the main reasons behind the toddler difficulties and give you practical tips to help your toddler sleep better.  

I have created guide to help with a wide range of issues parents face with their toddlers.  Some of the most popular sleep training guides for parents of toddlers include:

  • Navigating Power StrugglesToddler girl holding her newborn baby brother to show how sleep training can help toddlers adjust to new babies and help siblings sharing a room sleep better.
  • Separation Anxiety, Nightmares & Fears
  • Siblings Sharing A Room
  • Co-Sleeping with Your Toddler
  • Toddler Getting Out of Bed
  • Traveling with Kids
  • Toddlers Staying Up Too Late

Each sleep training guide is filled with information about how toddlers think, toddler sleep training tips, stories about how I’ve applied the tips in the past and more thoughts about how you can get creative meeting your child’s needs while improving their sleep.  Check out our complete list of sleep training guides to find the ones that best fit your family’s needs!


Download our toddler sleep training guides

Individual Consultations to Help Your Toddler Sleep

Do you feel like you’ve already tried everything and read everything to get your toddler to sleep, but your toddler still won’t sleep? Then, a private consult is your best bet. We’ll jump into some toddler psychology to figure out what exactly is going on for your kiddo. Then, we’ll develop a plan to work with him specifically to address whatever the problem is. The name of the game with toddlers is figuring out how to work with them so everyone wins, instead of creating more power struggles.  Together, we’ll figure out a toddler sleep training plan that works for your family. Take the first step to getting more sleep and schedule a consultation today!

Schedule a sleep training consultation for your toddler

Other Sleep Services offered by The Peaceful Sleeper

As a sleep consultant, I’m on a mission to help your entire family sleep better. Therefore, I also offer resources for baby sleep training including 25 affordable sleep training guides and a newborn sleep essential course.  

Parents need sleep too!  In my counseling practice, I often help adults improve their sleep through CBT-I.  Therefore, I offer an online course to treat adult insomnia based on CBT-I principles to help parents sleep better after your infant is sleeping through the night! So, if you’ve managed to improve your toddler’s sleep but are struggling to sleep yourself, this online course is a great next step on your journey to better sleep.