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Feel empowered and confident in the newborn stage knowing exactly what your baby needs and how to get great sleep. 

Newborn Essentials Sleep Video Course

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Wondering how you’re going to get your newborn to sleep longer at night? You’re in the right place!

This is the perfect time to tune into your baby and lay the foundation for great sleep! You can be armed with all of the knowledge and tools you need to get more sleep at night as soon as possible, AND set your baby up for independent sleep when they are ready.

Parents who implement the principles from the newborn course are getting on average 6-8 hours stretches of sleep by 6 weeks, and accomplish independent sleep at 4 months 70% faster.

In this video course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of healthy sleep, how to decipher your baby’s cues to meet their needs, and learn exactly what you need to do to keep them happy, content, and sleeping well

What's in the Video Course

You’ll get 29 videos ranging from 5-25 minutes broken down into three main chapters:

  • Newborn Sleep Essentials
    • Newborn sleep safety
    • Discerning your newborn’s sleepy cues
    • Methods to soothe quickly and effectively, have predictable days and nights and get optimal sleep and minimal fussiness.
  • Sleep Tips by Age
    • Understand unique nuances at every age and stage, from your first week home through the 3 month regression
    • Setting the stage for sleep learning at 4 months
  • Frequent Sleep Challenges
    • Navigating a newborn and a toddler
    • Dealing with pacifier issues
    • Dream feeds
    • Swaddling
    • Daycare
    • Co-sleeping
    • Twins

You will learn how to tackle the most common newborn challenges, how to prevent overtiredness, and how to lay a solid foundation for healthy sleep. Most parents enjoy 6-8 hour stretches at night by 4-8 weeks!

By the end of the course, you will feel empowered and confident to meet your newborn’s needs so everyone can get great sleep.

You will get support honoring your postpartum mental health journey, because YOUR well-being is a priority, too.

Note: The Newborn Course is only sold alongside the Newborn Guide Pack to help you learn more effectively.

Help Your Baby Sleep

Set the right foundation and start enjoying long stretches of sleep at night!

Bond With Your Baby

With less stress about a fussy baby, you’ll have more time to cherish your little one!

Love Motherhood

Feel confidence and peace of mind, so you can relax and enjoy every stage!

Newborn Guide Pack

A collection of the most useful newborn guides, all for one great price!

Each downloadable guide will give you in-depth explanations of how to conquer unique obstacles.

Note: The Newborn Guide Pack is only sold alongside the Newborn Course to help you learn more effectively.

Included in the Newborn Guide Pack:

7 Tips for Awesome Newborn Sleep

Discover the 7 most important things you can do to get sleep started on the right foot.

Magical Calming Tricks

Having trouble calming your baby? Download this guide and you’ll learn five tried-and-true calming that will help your baby relax in no time.

Reflux and Tummy Troubles

If your new baby seems inconsolable at times, wakes up as soon as you lie him or her down or takes forever to settle to sleep, tummy troubles are the first thing to rule out!

Sleep Regression, Teething, and Illness

Sleep regression can seem to come out of nowhere, but if you’re prepared and can see the signs, they shouldn’t mess up your baby’s sleep for long! In this guide, you’ll learn when the sleep regression stages are and what to do when teething and sickness messes with your baby’s sleep.


In this guide you’ll get a comprehensive break down of how to get your baby ready for sleep at daycare.

Pacifier Issues

In this guide, we’ll tackle how to know when the pacifier is creating problems and what to do about it.

Here’s what other Mama’s have to say:

This course is AMAZING even if you think you know newborn sleep! I took this with my second baby AFTER taking a different one for my first, and found this to be so much more helpful and effective. I feel actually relaxed and confident about newborn sleep and realistic expectations, and can’t wait to use the 4-24 month course.

Amy H.

The videos are so informative, and as a first time mom I was constantly worried I was doing something wrong. I love that there is a section about daycare, which seems to be overlooked in many of the sleep training programs I’ve looked into.

Laura L.

We started watching the 0-4 month course in my final weeks of pregnancy. It gave my husband and I a foundation and common understanding before going into the unknown! Chrissy not only gives information and knowledge in this course, but she is also caring and reassuring. Our first month with baby was hard, sleep included. But Chrissy’s course gave me tools to try and make it better, reassurance that I was doing a good job as a new mom, I am exactly who my baby needs, and to just give in to the snuggles and enjoy holding my baby in this season. Her experience in motherhood and her professional work makes her approachable, engaging, and trustworthy. I look forward to future courses as my baby grows!

Breann S.

The videos give so much helpful information. After I completed them all I was able to put everything together and got baby girl to sleep in her bassinet! Night one we had a few wake ups through the night and after that just one feeding in the middle of the night. This is HUGE after co-sleeping for 3.5mo.

Callie D.

Why The Peaceful Sleeper?

Giving your little one the gift of sleep is one of the most beneficial things you can ever do for them. Good sleep helps your baby develop physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.  Having a well-rested, happy baby drastically transforms the experience of motherhood. Postpartum depression, anxiety, stress and overwhelm are significantly diminished allowing you to enjoy motherhood and your baby in a whole new way. Happier babies, happier mamas, happier marriages. Good sleep changes EVERYTHING.

Simple Pricing & Lifetime Access


Bringing home a brand new baby can be a whirlwind of emotions and experiences. No more overwhelm, second-guessing or middle of the night googling. Feel empowered and confident in the newborn stage knowing exactly what your baby needs and how to get great sleep. 

Note: The Newborn Guide Pack & Newborn Course are only sold as a package to help you learn more effectively.

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Newborn Package

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✔ Newborn Essentials Sleep Video Course, 25+ videos ($69 Value)

✔ Newborn Guide Pack ($37.95 Value)

Lifetime access to all material

*HSA/FSA Eligible

With our proven method, we KNOW your baby will get better sleep. Try it risk-free today!

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Choose Affirm at checkout to pay over time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy the course, the guide pack, or both?

Ultimately, the course and the guide pack are the perfect pair for everything you need to know about getting great newborn sleep (which is why they are bundled together and you save money by buying them together!) I highly recommend getting them both at the same time, as together, they are the most comprehensive and robust newborn sleep resources out there!

My baby is already 2 months old. Should I just wait and buy the 4-24 month course?

The newborn course teaches you how to get great newborn sleep by preventing overtiredness, and optimizing sleep. The bonus is that this lays the foundation for future independent sleep. So even if your baby is already halfway through the newborn stage, what you will learn from the newborn course will make it much easier for your little one to learn independent sleep skills after they are 4 months old. The newborn course also teaches you aspects of optimizing sleep that will benefit you and your baby well beyond the newborn stage (such as how to get good full feeds, calming tricks, catching sleepy cues, support with your postpartum mental health journey and so much more!)

Can I buy the guide pack (or video course) separately?

The Guide Pack & Course are sold as a package because they work together to give you comprehensive and robust answers to the most common questions and topics. 

Can I use my HSA or FSA to pay for course(s), guide pack(s), and/or consultations?

Yes! You will likely need to get a letter of medical necessity signed by your healthcare provider. Click here for more information and a sample letter.

How do I access the courses and guides after purchase?

After you have purchased the course(s) or guide pack(s), go to our homepage and click “login” in the top right corner. Once you enter your email address and password, there will be a menu on the left-hand side of the page. All of your guides will be under “my downloads” and the course(s) you purchase will be under “courses”.

I’m not sure what product is best for me, can you help me choose?

Absolutely, we can! We have a super quick personalized quiz for you which takes less than a minute to complete and helps you determine which product and/or service is best for you!

I’m not sure what product is best for me, can you help me choose?

Absolutely, we can! We have a super quick personalized quiz for you which takes less than a minute to complete and helps you determine which product and/or service is best for you!

How long will I have access to the course and guides?

Forever!! That’s right, once you purchase a course or guide pack, you have lifetime access to it!

Will my private Insurance cover course(s), guide pack(s), and/or consultations?

It depends on your country/state and insurance provider, however, we strongly recommend you contact them to inquire! You may need a letter of medical necessity signed by your healthcare provider. Click here for more information and a sample letter.

3-Day Risk-Free Trial

We’re so confident you’re going to find our digital content useful and instructive, that we’re offering a 3-day risk-free trial! Dive in, get a taste of our proven method and customized approaches, and experience The Peaceful Sleeper difference. If for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can fill out this form and your refund will be processed by a member of our team within 5 days.

You won’t qualify for a refund if you’ve:

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0-4 Months Reviews

27 reviews for Newborn Basic Package

  1. Ashley McEntire (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the easy access and set up to this course. The videos are short and sweet and provide good information. I did expect a bit more in terms of content, but my expectations may have just been too high since there’s only so much you can do for this young age group. That said, I still highly recommend the course and plan on purchasing the 4-24 month course as well.

  2. Kelsey Unger (verified owner)

    If you have taken any baby care 101 course or followed anyone on instagram, most of the information is repetitive. I did learn a few things for the 2-4 month range, but everything else I kinda already knew. That being said, if you have not taken any baby courses or done any research on baby sleep, then this course is likely VERY helpful for you. Unfortunately for me, I just didn’t learn or gain much from this course.

  3. Taylor Banff (verified owner)

    You need this! As a first time mom myself, I came home so confused and defeated when it came to newborn sleep. I finally reached out, & was told about all that this package had to offer. Get the package! It is packed with such great information for newborn sleep, and even includes some postpartum mental health information for mama! I also love that this is not a one time use package. I love that I can log into my account at any time and reference the resources. Get it! You won’t regret it.

  4. Keri Axelson (verified owner)

    I love the resources in this package. You don’t have to sort through a ton of information to find what you need help with in that moment.

  5. Abbie Evans (verified owner)

    Very helpful for a first time mom!

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