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In this content library, through a streamlined video course & guides, you’ll learn how to get your baby to fall asleep independently, take predictable naps & sleep through the night. You’ll be confident knowing exactly what you need to do to keep them happy, content, and sleeping well!

4-24 Months Library

Join 100,000+ mamas & babies getting better sleep

Do You Currently…

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Spend hours each night rocking baby to sleep?

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Put baby down for a nap, only to hear them up in 10 minutes?

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Feel burned out & like you've lost your sense of self from lack of sleep?

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Spend your days piecing together sleep info from Instagram & random blogs?

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Not remember the last time you had a good night of sleep?

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Dread nighttime out of the fear that you don't know how it's going to go?

Can You Imagine…

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Putting baby down at night knowing they'll fall asleep on their own

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Having a consistent nap schedule that lasts more than 15-20 minutes

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Getting the sleep YOU need to be the most loving & engaged mama possible

If any of that resonates with you, the 4-24 Months Content Library is exactly what you need!

40+ Videos

presented in easy-to-understand modules

30 PDF Guides

& Situation Cards to troubleshoot common sleep challenges

Lifetime Access

for easily referencing material at any time

What’s Included

Section 1 - Sleep Learning 101

Sleep Learning 101

  • Introduction
  • What is Sleep Learning and What it’s Not
  • Becoming a Critical Consumer of Information
  • Why Teach Independent Sleep Skills?
  • Attachment
  • When to Start?
  • How to Sleep Learn: Introduction
  • Sleep Learning Phase I: Optimizing Schedules
  • Sleep Learning Phase II: Independent Sleep Initiation
  • Modified Accelerated Approach (“Modified CIO”)
  • Accelerated Approach (“CIO”)
  • Gradual Approach (“No CIO”)
  • Modified Gradual Approach (“Modified-Modified”)
  • Sleep Learning Phase III: Nap Lengthening
  • Sleep Learning Phase IV: Dropping Nighttime Awakenings
  • Sleep Log
  • Moving to a Clock-Based Schedule
  • Optimal Bedtime
  • Tricky Babies: Evaluating the Bigger Picture

Section 2 - What to Expect at Different Ages

Sleep by Age

  • Sleep by Age: Introduction
  • Sleep by Age: 4 to 5 Months
  • Sleep by Age: 6, 7, & 8 Months
  • Sleep by Age: 9 to 12 Months
  • Sleep by Age: 12 to 16 Months
  • Sleep by Age: 18 to 24 Months

Section 3 - Frequent Sleep Challenges

Frequent Sleep Challenges

  • Sleep Regressions and When to Expect Them
  • Sleep Learning with Twins
  • Sleep Learning with Older Babies
  • Dropping Naps
  • Pacifiers
  • Transitioning Out of a Swaddle
  • Sleep Learning with a Baby in Your Room
  • Siblings Sharing a Room
  • Daycare
  • Night Terrors and Nightmares
  • “Safe Sleep 7” for Co-sleeping
  • Feeding Before Sleep vs. Feeding to Sleep
  • Consistent Yet Tuned In
  • Conclusion

PDF Guides

PDF Guides

  1. Get Your Sleep On- eBook
  2. Transitioning Out of a Swaddle
  3. Extending Wake-Up Time
  4. Reflux and Tummy Troubles
  5. Sleep Regression, Teething, and Illness
  6. Daycare
  7. The Nap Intruder- How to Lengthen Crap Naps
  8. Stuck in Developmental Transitions
  9. Pacifier Issues
  10. Scheduling and Preventing Over-Tiredness
  11. Sleep Learning in 14 Days
  12. Bedtime Battles With Your Co-Sleeper
  13. Dropping Naps
  14. Siblings Sharing a Room
  15. Transitioning from Co-Sleeping
  16. Traveling with Kids
  17. How to Cut Down on Night Wakings
  18. Sleep Learning Issues with a Room-Sharer

Situation Cards

Situation Cards for a quick reference to some of the most common sleep situations including:

  • Lengthening naps
    • Should I cap a nap?
    • Short nap protocol & more
  • Moving to a clock-based schedule
    • How do I move from wake windows to clock based?
  • How to – Sleep Learning
    • When baby is awake in the middle of the night
    • Baby waking up after rocking
    • If baby doesn’t self soothe & more

Every baby can get better sleep through sleep learning.

“Sleep Learning” is teaching your baby the skills of independent sleep. It means working WITH your baby, in their zone of proximal development, and gradually releasing your support and interventions at a pace that works for you and your baby.

Our 4-24 month course is the most comprehensive and flexible course on the market!

Giving your little one the gift of sleep is one of the most beneficial things you can ever do for them. Good sleep helps your baby develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. Having a well-rested, happy baby drastically transforms the experience of motherhood. 

You will learn exactly how to be consistent, tuned in, and responsive to YOUR baby’s needs, and help them develop skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Meet Chrissy:

The Peaceful Sleeper

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, practicing for over 13 years. I dedicated my graduate education to researching attachment, and my post-graduate education to understanding the science of sleep as well as uncovering what it takes for women to thrive (and not just survive) in motherhood and marriage.

When I had my first baby, I was sleep deprived and felt SO overwhelmed. As I tried to figure out how to be a good mom, I felt lost in the contradictory and often “shame-y” information out there, especially about sleep. I knew there had to be a better way to connect with and teach parents without making them feel like sh*t.

So I set out to do ALL of the research and I created a method to optimize baby sleep that is tuned in, empowering and WORKS. There absolutely should be joy in motherhood, and I have learned that every baby CAN get better sleep!

As Featured On:

as featured on images | The Peaceful Sleeper

As Featured On:

as featured on images | The Peaceful Sleeper

Join 100,000+ Mamas Who Love The Peaceful Sleeper Method

Okay, I am ecstatic!! Not only is our baby sleeping great now, but I swear your program helped him overall. He doesn’t scream in his car seat anymore, he’s calm and can do independent play, and he is just an overall happier baby! It’s been a night and day difference. The first few months of his life were SO hard, but now we feel like we have the energy to just enjoy and soak up every minute of our baby. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!


I got the course and learned SO much about sleep learning. I gained so much confidence in my ability to sleep train my baby. She did amazingly well with the sleep learning and it almost seemed like she was relieved to have consistency and for me to know her sleep cues and when she would be tired. She caught on so quickly and learned how to soothe herself and be calm and confident enough to sleep through the night. The course gave me knowledge and confidence so that I could teach her and have her have comfort and confidence in me and herself.


This course has helped so much with my little one’s sleep schedule! I was looking for something simple and straight-forward to tell me what to do and when in terms of sleep training, and this is it! I now feel so much more confident throughout our day, and don’t panic when something gets thrown off because this guide has helped me navigate those curve balls. Within a couple days of purchasing this package, my 6 month old was sleeping through the night, 12 hour stretches! Im so thankful that we’re all sleeping better.

Camille S.

Purchased this when our 3.5mo started the 4mo sleep regression. Before that we were told we were so lucky to have a great sleeper so it was a huge shock to be up all night and fight every nap. Started training the day after she turned 4 months and that night she fell asleep on her own within a few minutes. This package is great because she offers tips and insight into the many types of scenarios that occur and gives you the tools to troubleshoot based on your baby’s needs. Its like listening to a friends advice who actually knows! Its great to have this foundation and guide which helps everything else fall into place! We get a lot of comments that our baby is so happy and calm. She sleeps well!!

Alisa Z.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy the course, the guide pack, or both?

Ultimately, the course and the guide pack are the perfect pair for everything you need to know about getting great newborn sleep (which is why they are bundled together and you save money by buying them together!) I highly recommend getting them both at the same time, as together, they are the most comprehensive and robust newborn sleep resources out there!

Can I use my HSA or FSA to pay for course(s), guide pack(s), and/or consultations?

Yes! You will likely need to get a letter of medical necessity signed by your healthcare provider. Click here for more information and a sample letter.

Can I buy the troubleshooting guides separately?

The troubleshooting guides are sold as part of the content library because they work together to give you comprehensive and robust answers to the most common questions and topics. You will also find that many of the guides pair well together!

How do I access the content library, courses and guides, after purchase?

After you have purchased the course(s) or guide pack(s), go to our homepage and click “login” in the top right corner. Once you enter your email address and password, there will be a menu on the left-hand side of the page. All of your guides will be under “my downloads” and the course(s) you purchase will be under “courses”.

What does “zone of proximal development” mean?

When we are referring to your child’s “zone of proximal development” we are talking about the space or distance between what they can do completely independently and what they can do with adult guidance and support. We don’t want to be teaching our children a skill that is “too easy” for them (one they can already do completely independently) and it’s not productive to try and teach our children a skill that is “too hard” (one they require adult guidance and support with). Optimal learning happens in the space between “too easy” and “too hard”; their zone of proximal development.

I’m not sure what product is best for me, can you help me choose?

Absolutely, we can! We have a super quick personalized quiz for you which takes less than a minute to complete and helps you determine which product and/or service is best for you!

I’m not sure what product is best for me, can you help me choose?

Absolutely, we can! We have a super quick personalized quiz for you which takes less than a minute to complete and helps you determine which product and/or service is best for you!

How long will I have access to the content library (course and guides)?

Forever!! That’s right, once you purchase a course or guide pack, you have lifetime access to it!

Is your 4-24 Month Course about “Sleep Training” or “Sleep Learning”, and what is the difference?

“Sleep learning” means teaching your baby independent sleep skills in a way that honors both of your learning styles. With sleep learning, we are meeting your baby where they are at (in their zone of proximal development) and then using a gradual release of responsibility to guide and support them to more independence as they are developmentally ready, at a pace that works for them. For some babies and children, a more accelerated pace works best and for others, a more gradual pace is best. The key to sleep learning is YOU learning to tune into your baby so you know how to best support and guide them. And we can help!

In the 4-24 month course, you will learn that sleep learning is a collaborative growth process where you are working WITH your baby. You are laying the foundation for optimal sleep while honoring your parenting values and choices AND honoring the learning style and needs of your baby.

“Sleep Training” has so many negative connotations associated with it, and it leads many parents to feel guilt and shame if they even consider wanting to “sleep train” their baby. And it is hard to define because so many people have defined it in so many different ways.

This is why The Peaceful Sleeper is defining “sleep learning” as a method that simply means teaching your baby independent sleep skills in a way that works for both of you.

Will my private Insurance cover course(s), guide pack(s), and/or consultations?

It depends on your country/state and insurance provider, however, we strongly recommend you contact them to inquire! You may need a letter of medical necessity signed by your healthcare provider. Click here for more information and a sample letter.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident our content libraries will give you the tools necessary to improve sleep for your little one, we guarantee it! The Peaceful Sleeper Method believes in the power of individualized learning. Learn more here.

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30 day Money-Back Guarantee graphic the peaceful sleeper | The Peaceful Sleeper

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Choose PayPal at checkout to pay over time!

Real Mama’s Experiences with The Peaceful Sleeper Method!

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More Reviews from Mamas Like You!

30 reviews for 4-24 Months Content Library

  1. Madison Osborn (verified owner)

    My 6 month old went from waking up every 2 hours during the night to sleeping 12 hours a night after implementing the things taught in the course! I would recommend to everyone.

  2. Nicole Muheim

    Chrissy, your course has been a life saver. A friend recommended you before we had our little one and I’m so incredibly thankful they did. We bought your newborn course and immediately started setting good sleep practices. At 8 weeks old she was sleeping through the night. Right around that time she started to really wake up and naps became awful. I could not put her down without her waking up immediately. It didn’t matter how asleep she was. Her eyes would instantly pop open and she’d give me the biggest smile! But I stayed the course and made sure she got good daytime sleep for the next 8 weeks. But that meant being with her pretty much 100% of the time. As much as I love her and those day time snuggles I was also going a little 🤪 but it did give me time to read your book and watch the 8-24 course!! Right at 16 weeks we started sleep training. She got it right away and has been initiating sleep and self soothing for two weeks now! Having some of my day back has given me back a piece of myself. As much as I love her, I was feeling really lonely and isolated holding her for all of those naps. She takes such good naps now that I’m able to start working on my artwork and growing my business! I feel like such a better mom now that I have a little time to myself! Thank you for all your knowledge and thoughtful approach to sleep training. ❤️

  3. Olivia Fraser (verified owner)

    I love the variety of approaches and non-judgmental approach of this course. The options were really helpful as I’ve been navigating sleep with my 5 mo. Sleep is still a work in progress but I feel like I have a clear road map as we figure it out together!

  4. Sarah Langton (verified owner)

    The course was a life saver, and I didn’t realize how significant it was until this week! We sleep strained our son at 16 weeks and he did great. He’s always been able to initiate sleep since beginning the course. This last week, our house was hit with teething and the stomach flu. Our little guy is STILL able to sleep completely through the night. However, last night he woke with teething pain and needed a diaper change. He was SO upset. I changed him, gave him Tylenol and then gave him some snuggles. Once LO was starting to goof around, I was able to put him back to bed and he fell asleep WITHOUT A PEEP! This course is SO worth it!!

  5. Madeline Cadigan (verified owner)

    My baby is 9 months old. We bought your course at 3 months but started sleep training at 5 months due to an ear infection and holidays. It literally fundamentally changed our relationship with our daughter and each other for the better. The information in your course is not revolutionary but it was so easy to follow and gave us the confidence to support our daughter in safe and effective sleep skills. Since 5 months my daughter sleeps 12+ hours each night. We’ve had hiccups when she gets sick, but since she has the fundamentals (and we have the fundamentals) we are able to quickly transition back to her regularly scheduled 12+ hours of sleep. This has allowed for my husband and I to deepen our relationship and appreciate and bond with our baby even more. THANK YOU.

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Why The Peaceful Sleeper?

Giving your little one the gift of sleep is one of the most beneficial things you can ever do for them. Good sleep helps your baby develop physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.  Having a well-rested, happy baby drastically transforms the experience of motherhood. Postpartum depression, anxiety, stress and overwhelm are significantly diminished allowing you to enjoy motherhood and your baby in a whole new way. Happier babies, happier mamas, happier marriages. Good sleep changes EVERYTHING.