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Sleep Training for Babies

There’s nothing in this world like having a baby in your home. It’s miraculous. But it’s also a ton of work. You’re wired and tired. Nobody’s getting enough sleep, not even your baby. Maybe you’ve heard from a friend or you’ve read on the internet that sleep training your baby can restore the sanity of a full-night’s rest to your lives and give you the peace of mind knowing your baby is getting enough sleep as well. But then it turns out there are literally dozens of books and websites that offer contradictory advice on sleep training a baby, and trying to tackle them all can be an overwhelming task. As a busy mom, you just don’t have the time to earn your PhD in sleep training.

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Effective, long-lasting sleep training is about helping your child learn to self-soothe, prioritizing sleep, fostering family habits conducive to good sleep, and tuning in to your baby to respond to her needs and even many of her wants. There is no one-size-fits-all method because all babies and all parents are different. But there are some universal truths we can incorporate. My aim is to help you diminish the tears (for baby and mom) and get your family sleeping through the night, every night.

Every Baby is Different

newborn baby in light blue-yellow knitted beanie and pants to represent how I help you learn how to get a newborn to sleep as a baby sleep consultant.Every baby, and every family is a little different.  Therefore, what how you get your baby to sleep might be a little bit different than how other moms you know do.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some specific things all parents can try and some sleep training principles I teach most parents I work with. However, it’s important that you learn to make sleep training fit your child and family specifically.

That’s what I’m here for. My newborn essentials sleep course, baby sleep training book and sleep training guides teach you general principles to help your baby sleep better. They also offer suggestions for individualizing these concepts to fit your baby.

If you need more support really fitting the baby sleep training principles to your baby, I’m here to help. I’ll get to know you, your parenting preferences and your baby. During individual sleep training consultations or with my in-home sleep training packages, we’ll customize a baby sleep plan that works for your family to get everyone sleeping well. 

Sleep Training Doesn’t Mean Just Letting Your Baby Cry

I’ll let you in on a little secret: sleep training really begins the moment babies wake up in the morning. In fact, effective sleep training has very little to do with how much you let your baby cry when you put her in the crib. That’s why I can confidently say that I help people with any parenting perspective achieve happier, longer sleep.

Newborn Sleep Course: Sleep Training 0-4 Months

If you’ve got a baby 0-4 months, your very best place to start is with my newborn sleep course. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know to get the best possible sleep for your newborn and set the stage for sleep training when he’s older than 4 months. 

Are you ready to help your newborn sleep well from the very beginning? Learn more about the newborn course here.

Newborn Sleep Training Course

Sleep Training for 4+ Months

If your baby is over 4 months of age and you’re ready to sleep train, I have a bunch of resources for you! I’ve got a comprehensive video course , a book called Get Your Sleep On, personalized consultations, and package options to bundle and save.

In this complete overview of sleep training, you will learn:

  • Why sleep training is so A week old newborn African American baby girl sleeping in wooden bowl to show how an infant sleep consultant can help you get your baby to sleep.important
  • How to preserve attachment while sleep training
  • Specific sleep tips for every age
  • How much sleep your baby needs
  • Sleep training methodologies for every parenting style and how to implement them
  • How to prevent over-tiredness
  • Lifelong peaceful sleeping, even after the ‘training’ finishes

Check out Get Your Sleep On here!

SLeep training

Baby Sleep Training Guides

Baby won’t sleep? Or perhaps your baby won’t stay asleep? Wondering, “How do I sleep train my baby?” I recommend that most parents begin with reading my sleep training book and supplement with my sleep training guides.  

I created these supplemental Baby Sleep Training guides for you, tired parents.  They answer common questions I hear over and over again from parents.  Each affordable sleep guide tackles one specific issue related to baby sleep, so you can quickly get the the answers you are looking for.  My sleep training guides cover topics like how to lengthen naps, cutting down on night awakenings, transition out of a swaddle, get rid of the pacifier, and so much more!

Sleep Training Guides

Let Me Help Sleep Train Your Baby!

Often, the hardest part of sleep training is being the one to actually do it. I’ll take the stress out of it and walk you through the whole process, answer your questions along the way, and customize a sleep plan that works for your family. There is no one-size fits all approach to sleep training because every baby and every family circumstance is different. The beauty of a customized consultation is that I can get to know your situation and create a plan just for you. 

Personalized sleep consultations start at $75. I also offer full-scale in-home sleep training services, depending on your needs! Let’s chat to find out the best route for you and your little one!

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Other Sleep Training Services

As a sleep consultant, I want to help your entire family sleep.  Therefore, I also offer sleep training for toddlers and an online course to help adults with insomnia