Group Sleep Coaching

What is Group Sleep Coaching?



Go through the sleep learning process with an expert that can help you every step of the way. No more second-guessing yourself and no more poring through countless blogs trying to apply obscure strategies to your unique child.


Be with moms that are going through the same things you are! No more feeling judged by family or friends, just supportive people who want you to succeed!


Have a solid sleep learning foundation in just one weekend! You’ll be empowered and confident to meet all of your baby’s sleep learning needs.

Sleep learning changes the lives of babies and parents. Now, you don’t have to do it alone!

The Details

Group sleep coaching will be held Thursday through Saturday. It’ll be broken up into chunks throughout the day so we can cover tricky things like naps and bedtime no matter what time zone you’re in!

We’ll be on for 100% of bedtime and then we’ll meet once during the day to answer your questions or troubleshoot naps.


April 13: Bedtime
April 14: Check-in & Bedtime
April 15: Check-in & Bedtime
April 22: Follow-Up Call


May 18: Bedtime
May 20: Check-in & Bedtime
May 21: Check-in & Bedtime
May 28: Follow-Up Call

*All times are in Pacific Time and are subject to change.

Included with Group Sleep Coaching

Along with the three days and 12 hours of group sleep consultation, you’ll get the following by being a participant:


Lifetime access to our Exclusive Facebook Community where you can view a facebook live each week from our sleep learning experts and post your situation to get help and advice from parents who have gone through similar scenarios.

What are you waiting for?

A great night’s sleep is only a weekend away!


Babies must be at least 16 weeks old and less than 12 months old to participate. For babies over 12 months, check out our individual sleep consultation options by clicking here!

Most participants choose to do modified cry it out for this weekend format. We can, of course, modify as needed to your comfort level, though results may solidify less quickly.

See What Past Participants Have Said!

Rachel S.

The group sleep coaching experience blew my expectations out of the water!

I loved Chrissy’s gentle approach and the fact that she always made you feel comfortable with what you were doing for your babe. She gave great advice and pointers, backed with her reasoning, but always allowed for ‘mom gut feelings’ if you felt the need to make tweaks for your babe…I feel so prepared moving forward and felt such an incredible sense of community and love with all of the mamas coming together to cheer each other on.

Derek & Julia J.

We need a lot of hand-holding, so group sleep coaching was perfect for us!

It wasn’t the easiest thing but having all the other parents to laugh and cry with us made the whole thing so much more doable. Plus, Chrissy is a great teacher/cheerleader! It was a cool feeling like we were a part of a community and that we weren’t struggling with sleep alone! Our baby is sleeping amazing at night now and his naps went from 40 to 90 mins! It’s been great and we highly recommend this process.

Rachel H.

This was such a great experience!

While I had a basic understanding of the principles of sleep learning, I struggled to envision how to apply those to my baby. Especially, if things didn’t go perfectly. Watching Chrissy apply the methods to real-life babies and seeing her decision-making in action gave me the confidence I needed to successfully sleep train my baby… I went from having to nurse my baby to sleep for every nap and night, to being able to put her in her crib and walk away knowing she will fall asleep on her own.



Should I watch the video course before the group sleep coaching?


While it’s a good idea to watch the course beforehand, you’ll learn everything you need to know about sleep coaching your babe over the weekend.


What can I expect over the weekend?


Great question! You can expect to meet with me and the rest of the group 1-2 times per day and we’ll do bedtimes together from when the first baby is going to bed until the last baby is asleep. There will be a lot of video monitor watching and a lot of back and forth as we try to discern your baby’s needs and come up with a strategy that works for your baby and you. We’ll swap stories, laugh a lot, and be there to cheer each other on!


What if it doesn’t work?


While there isn’t a money-back guarantee, I’m committed to working with you until your baby grasps sleep learning. This could mean follow-up calls after the group sleep coaching sessions are over. So far, we’ve had a 100% success rate.


Will my baby’s sleep be perfect after this weekend?


You’ll learn the initial, foundational skills over the weekend and then you’ll hop on follow-up calls in the coming weeks to button up problem areas. Every baby is unique and some can take longer than others, but we always see great progress!


Are you actually watching the monitor with me?


Even though it’s in a group setting, you will get personal attention and I will address your personal needs. This usually consists of you holding the monitor up to your webcam 


Do I need to break bad habits before group sleep coaching?


No. One of the best times to break bad habits is during sleep learning!

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Group Sleep Coaching