Sleep Training Essentials Course (4-24 Months)

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13 reviews for Sleep Training Essentials Course (4-24 Months)

  1. Adriana Santek (verified owner)

    This program has a good and clear structure. But, what matters the most is the Chrissy’s approach. She is so relaxed and really has experience in the matter. Main part is learning your baby how to fall a sleep by himself and The main thing is that she shares different ways how to do that, for me important part was without the crying.
    She really gives you confidence to sleep train and to be relaxed about it.
    My baby likes to go to sleep because he knows how! 🙂

  2. Anna Latham (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! My baby boy wakes up so happy and ready to take on the day! Chrissy is like listening to a good friend for advice. Many great tips & money well spent! 😊

  3. Colleen Brown (verified owner)

    SO so so so worth it!!! Chrissy is amazing. Ive used this course to help my daughter achieve better sleep and it works! My daughter sleeps great and doesn’t even cry when put down anymore. She is so happy, which makes mom happy!!

  4. Bree (verified owner)

    This course gave me the confidence to sleep train and feel comfortable doing modified cry it out. I wish I had done this with my first born!

  5. Kenzie McPeek (verified owner)

    If you are trying to decide if this course is worth it- let me tell you, IT IS. I’ve taken so many different courses, read so many books and done so much research and this course helped me the most! If you’re in search of clear, step by step schedules, this course is for you. I highly recommend! My son made improvements on day 3, and by week 2- was sleeping like a champ. Buy this course today!!!

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