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Hey, I know you. I used to be you. You are the mom that is trying to do it all right, but don’t always know what that looks like. Your babe is keeping you up at night, you’re overwhelmed and confused and torn and you just want to get better sleep with an approach that works for you and your little one. I remember those days. The days where sleep was so hard to find and I felt so overwhelmed. I wondered just about how long I would last before I either fell over asleep or would just become a walking zombie.

I knew it had to change.

That is why I started digging, learning, mastering and doing all I could to learn all I can about sleep and sleep training. I mean, mama needed her sleep! And so did my baby. After months and months of learning, and another kid I got it! Since then, I knew that I had to help every mom I could learn all these tricks and secrets to make sure that they got the sleep they needed!

You NEED to be in this EXCLUSIVE group if

  • You have a kid
  • Naps, You have issues with naps
  • Sleep regression… ew
  • You have a fussy baby and you’re not sure what the deal is
  • Nightmares, separation anxiety and more
  • Traveling tips
  • You want a place to go to ask questions and get support
  • And soooo much more….

Amazing Perks:

  • Exclusive group chats
  • An awesome support group that can answer your questions and make you feel like you’re not going it alone
  • Exclusive, interactive LIVES with Chrissy & Britta – 2x a week for up to 60 min each!
  • Exclusive webinars to talk about marriage, parenting, personal development and more
  • Insider tips & tricks
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So the question is… when are you going to get your sleep back?

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