The Peaceful Mama Workshops

Moms deserve to feel joy and feel happy in motherhood. Motherhood doesn’t have to be a beatdown! The best thing we can be for our kids is well.

These are intended to be a place where moms can can come together and learn together and discover easy, actionable strategies that you’ll be able to implement into your familial life. Register today for an upcoming workshop or purchase an on-demand one to watch whenever you’d like!

Peaceful Mama Workshop: Intimacy (On-Demand)


Come join us for an open forum workshop where Chrissy answers all your questions about intimacy!

This is an on-demand workshop that you can register for and watch whenever you’d like! After you purchase, you’ll find a link to use to register for the on-demand webinar in your order confirmation.

The Peaceful Mama Workshop: Finding Fulfillment (On-Demand)


Come join us for an open forum workshop on June 16th, 2021 at 5 PM Pacific Time where Chrissy will talk about finding fulfillment in motherhood! You’ll be able to ask questions in real time and Chrissy will answer them. Motherhood isn’t easy and it’s common to lose yourself while caring for your children. We’ll be talking about why this happens and strategies on how to reclaim the fulfillment that all mothers deserve to feel.