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If you struggle with sleep, you are not alone! Over 60% of Americans report difficulty with sleep a few nights a week or more. And 80% of individuals with a mental health diagnosis have underlying sleep issues. What does this mean? Sleep loss has a MASSIVE impact on your emotional and mental health and well-being, not just your physical health. Adequate sleep is essential to mental and emotional regulation.

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How could your life improve if you got better sleep? I’m serious– think about it. What would change if you actually got a good night’s sleep? For me, (former insomniac, here!) when I’m sleeping better I undeniably notice the following:

-I enjoy parenthood more
-I’m a better mom– I’m more present and I laugh and play more
-I’m way more fun and happy
-I feel less bogged down and overwhelmed
-Less depression and anxiety
-I am more pleasant with my partner, which means less bickering and more connection
-So, better marriage
-More desire for intimacy
-More energy to devote to personal and professional development
-More motivation with work, which means more profit
-More exercise
-Eating better comes more naturally
-More energy and joy EVERYWHERE

In this hour-long video course, I walk you through the process of treating your chronic insomnia with clinically proven strategies. Using tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), I will help you understand your insomnia and what you can do about it. I will outline a straightforward plan to reset your sleep system so your body will know how to fall asleep and stay asleep all night long.

What are you waiting for? You’ve suffered with sleepless nights long enough. Let’s tackle this!

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Adult Insomnia Video Course Reviews

“I was skeptical at first that my insomnia could be addressed. I’ve had sleep troubles for years. But Chrissy’s approach is straight-forward, makes so much sense and I was amazed by how quickly my sleep habits TRANSFORMED!”

 “As someone who has suffered with insomnia for almost 20 years, I can’t believe how quickly things started to improve for me. I’m so grateful that I found this course/approach, but I’m almost mad no one ever taught me this stuff before.”

Meet The Peaceful Sleeper

Baby Sleep Coach Christine Lawler | The Peaceful SleeperMy name is Christine Lawler. I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, lover of sleep, and sleep coach.

I founded The Peaceful Sleeper for two main reasons: I recognize how critically important sleep is in all aspects of life, and I believe that many people are under-informed or feel unnecessary guilt when it comes to sleep training and sleep coaching. I want to help!

I started having babies and realized that I functioned 1,000x better when I had slept. I read every book I could get my hands on about sleep training and realized that, though there are differences with every person, there are a lot of universal truths about getting quality sleep. And, there are about a million reasons why it’s important that we get good sleep.

I’m here to take the stress out of sleeping well and get everyone in the family a good night’s rest.

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Looking for ways to treat your chronic insomnia? In this life-changing video class, I’ll address everything you need to know to get optimal sleep! Peaceful sleep is just a 1-2 minute signup away! Purchase now for 12 months of unlimited access.