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45 reviews for Get Your Sleep On – eBook

  1. Kira

    This book helped me and my baby so much, even as a mom of 4 it taught me new things. Baby boy is now 2 and sleeps so well! I attribute it to the sleep training we did when he was little.

  2. Jessica Little

    Worth every single penny and recommend to everyone I know with a little one. My baby has slept 12+ hours a night for so long. Everyone is happier when they get a good nights sleep. This is a must buy and I will be gifting this at every baby shower I go to from now on!

  3. Jaci

    We love love loved this book. It was SO PRACTICAL and easy to implement. It felt like a mama friend giving me advice that I could actually use. We used CIO and sleep training has been the BEST THING. We referred back to it often our girl would get sick, pop a tooth, we travelled, etc. Now we have a wild toddler who sticks to her sleep schedule that we implemented early thanks to this book! Honestly—she asks for a nap if we get behind or busy! Couldn’t recommend this enough!

  4. Mallory

    This book is the best resource. She wrote it like you’re chatting with a friend. I bought for my first baby and am referencing it with my second. Super quick read and super helpful! Highly recommend!

  5. Ashley Marley

    This guide is incredible and really a no BS book. It’s black and white and super easy to read and follow.

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