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45 reviews for Get Your Sleep On – eBook

  1. Chan

    I read chrissys book when i was pregnant with my son and then again when he was almost 4 months. All i can say is that sleep training saves lives. It makes me a better mom because we’re all better rested and he loves going to bed. There’s still hiccups every so often, but when i go back to the basics it all resolved quickly! I love how quick the book was and her approaches were brief, thorough and manageable!

  2. Kristin

    The best sleep book around! Ordered it when my 2nd baby was born and it was amazing.

  3. Courtney Shea

    I found this book very useful! I had so many worries about dos and don’ts. She lays out all the options to be able to make a choice that best fits your family and your child’s needs. My husband and I weren’t on the same page about the method we wanted to go with until we read this book. We were able to choose and follow the steps and troubleshoot as we went. It’s nice not to have to always second guess and wonder.. do we leave him, do we pick him up etc etc. it’s all in the book!

  4. Skyelar

    This guide changed our lives! We didn’t start sleep training until our little guy was 7 months. Chrissy’s guide made it so easy with the detailed steps and encouragement. I recommend to ALL of my new mama friends!

  5. Holly

    Bought this book before baby #2 was due and it was a game changer!! So helpful and encouraging.

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