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In this content library, through a streamlined video course & guides, you’ll learn how to get your baby to fall asleep independently, take predictable naps & sleep through the night. You’ll be confident knowing exactly what you need to do to keep them happy, content, and sleeping well!

What you’ll get with this content library:

4-24 Months Sleep Learning Video Course

This video course uses clear, science-backed and attachment-focused interventions that help you to meet your baby’s sleep needs. There is no one-size fits all approach for babies, so you’ll learn the fundamental principles and be empowered to tune into YOUR baby to develop the perfect strategy. Whether incorporating cry it out components of sleep training or not, you and your baby can be happy, attached, thriving and well-rested!

PDF Guides

    1. Get Your Sleep On e-book
    2. Transitioning Out of a Swaddle Guide
    3. Extending Wake-Up Time Guide
    4. Reflux and Tummy Troubles Guide
    5. Sleep Regression Teething, and Illness Guide
    6. Daycare Guide
    7. The Nap Intruder – How to Lengthen Crap Naps Guide
    8. Stuck in Developmental Transitions Guide
    9. Pacifier Issues Guide
    10. Scheduling and Preventing Over-Tiredness Guide
    11. Sleep Train Your Babe in 14 Days Guide
    12. Bedtime Battles With Your Co-Sleeper Guide
    13. Dropping Naps Guide
    14. Siblings Sharing a Room Guide
    15. Transitioning from Co-Sleeping Guide
    16. Traveling with Kids Guide
    17. How to Cut Down on Night Awakenings Guide
    18. Sleep Training Issues with a Room Sharer Guide

Situation Cards

12 Situation Cards for a quick reference to some of the most common sleep situations including:

  • Lengthening naps
    • Should I cap a nap?
    • Short nap protocol & more
  • Moving to a clock-based schedule
    • How do I move from wake windows to clock based?
  • How to – Sleep Learning
    • When baby is awake in the middle of the night
    • Baby waking up after rocking
    • If baby doesn’t self soothe & more
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49 reviews for 4-24 Months Content Library

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  1. I was looking for a customized approach to our baby’s sleep coaching and Chrissy and her team were the answer. I took other classes that felt very “one size fits all”, and my little one is hardly that! One chat with Chrissy and I knew I found my people! Ashely helped us (live stream) with night one and I was a ball of anxiety. She doesn’t “just let your baby cry”… She explains exactly what you’re watching for while your baby is learning, which still carries over to this day. We celebrated each victory, no matter how small, which takes pressure off of the process and distracts you while you watch your baby learn to fall asleep independently. If it gets too much, we go in to assist baby. I thought this would be way scarier, but I’ve never wished I did something sooner!! Seriously! Thank you so much for making this so approachable.

  2. The sleep training program has been great! We just started a couple of weeks ago and the first few nights were tough but worth it! My baby went from not sleeping well for 6 weeks to back to her 12 hour uninterrupted sleep schedule. So happy we bought this program!

  3. Baby's Age : 4 months

    My baby was struggling with naps and going to bed at night. I was endlessly rocking her to sleep and something really needed to change. I purchased this sleep course and only by day 3 I see huge improvements. My baby is able to self soothe to sleep!!

  4. Baby's Age : 4 months

    This course completely changed my quality of life! I was nap trapped 90% of the day and had no freedom. My baby could not fall asleep or stay asleep without me holding her and there were at least 5 night awakenings. We did the course and she got the hang of it on the third day and then everything improved! She slept for longer stretches in the night, her naps were longer, and she put herself to sleep in less than 10 minutes! I love that I didn’t have to make her cry it out all night and that there were different options of training that fit our family. I feel like a human again now that I’m not trapped in the nursery for the majority of the day. This course is amazing and I recommend it to everyone.

  5. Baby's Age : 5 months

    This program has been super helpful for us! We were trying to do independent sleep but were still doing a lot of rocking and settling and were up multiple times a night and often up for an hour+ at a time. My baby now puts herself to sleep in 10 minutes and most nights has been sleeping without a waking until 6am and then back down until 7am or 730am after that feed. And it’s only been 2 weeks! We saw nearly instant improvement too working towards this. We are still working on lengthening naps as she is a chronic cat napper. We’ve had a some sparse nap wins so hoping these become more regular. Feeling hopeful and better than I’ve felt since birth. Getting sleep gives you a new lease on life!

  6. Baby's Age : 4 months & 2

    My husband and I have tried many methods of sleep training with our toddler and they have not worked. THIS saved us. Between the different approaches and small changes to do what works for us, our daughter is finally able to put herself to sleep and will sleep all night. We’re excited to start this with our 4 month old soon too.

  7. The videos are well made and provide evidence-based guidance on sleep learning strategies in an accessible way. When getting started and things felt hard, I often repeated to myself Chrissy’s comments on attachment and ”protest” to encourage myself to keep going. We are now 3 weeks in, and my 4 month old consistently falls asleep on his own with minimal fussing. We are finally free from contact naps! We still have some progress to make, but I feel enabled to do so at our own pace. Also, I definitely recommend the one-time consultation option! I almost canceled but then found it extremely helpful to be able to ask specific questions and receive additional support. We are very grateful for this program and will recommend it to friends!

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