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In this content library, through a streamlined video course & guides, you’ll learn the fundamentals of healthy sleep, and how to decipher your baby’s cues to meet their needs. You’ll learn exactly what you need to do to keep them happy, content, and sleeping well!

What you’ll get with this content library:

Newborn Sleep Class

Simple, easily accessible videos where you will learn what your little one needs at every age to be happy and sleep well. Feel confident and empowered to get those longer stretches at night between feedings, tackle issues like fussiness, gas, reflux, colic, tongue ties, sleep regressions, and what to expect from 0-4 months. There’s also helpful videos for you mama about postpartum mental health and so much more!

PDF Guides

  1. 7 Tips for Awesome Newborn Sleep
  2. Magical Calming Tricks
  3. Reflux and Tummy Troubles
  4. Sleep Regression, Teething, and Illness
  5. Daycare
  6. Pacifier Issues
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28 reviews for 0-4 Months Content Library

  1. Callie Douglas (verified owner)

    The videos give so much helpful information. After I completed them all I was able to put everything together and got baby girl to sleep in her bassinet! Night one we had a few wake ups through the night and after that just one feeding in the middle of the night. This is HUGE after co-sleeping for 3.5mo.

  2. Heather Walters (verified owner)

    So happy to have bought the 0 to 4 month package! Our baby was just born last week, as brand new parents, I feel less worried and anxious about our son’s sleep!

  3. Kirsten Nelson (verified owner)

    This course was great for a new mom. I felt empowered and educated to help my crap napper of a baby get her sleep and set us up to sleep train next month!

  4. Laura Laszewski (verified owner)

    The videos are so informative, and as a first time mom I was constantly worried I was doing something wrong. I love that there is a section about daycare, which seems to be overlooked in many of the sleep training programs I’ve looked into.

  5. Giuliana Bills (verified owner)

    This was super helpful as a first time mom! So many great tips that I had never even heard of before. I am trying to make sleep a priority so I can be the best mom I can be. I’m so grateful I have had these resources! Highly recommend!

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