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43 reviews for Get Your Sleep On – eBook

  1. Jennifer Latimer (verified owner)

    For most babies, I think this is a great book. Just not for our scenario/baby. We are 15 days into sleep training based on the book’s guidance and nothing has improved for us unfortunately. I am going to do a 30 min consult for additional ideas. Our daytime nap situation is still the pits:-(

  2. Amanda Merrick (verified owner)

    I had already sleep trained my 3 year old, but waited until she was 10 months to do it. With my second, at 3 months I knew something needed to change. I couldn’t do the no sleep and parent two children, but wasn’t sure my momma heart could handle sleep training a 4 month old. This book and method was so perfect and gentle enough for my momma heart to know she would be okay and I wasn’t traumatizing her! I absolutely recommend this to any mom even thinking about getting it!

  3. Shania Mariani-Bethel (verified owner)

    It was at the point that our baby would sleep only in your arms while you were standing up. I found myself crying in the bathroom one night feeling helpless. Then I got this book and it changed our lives. Chrissy laid out each and every detail. She truly was the reason for our success. Our baby falls asleep independently 95% of the time and gets 6.5 hour stretches. You don’t have to feel helpless about sleep anymore. Get the book ! <3

  4. Taylor johnson (verified owner)

    This book was so amazing for us. Having Chrissy write her own personal experiences really made it feel genuine and real for me. It made me feel more comfortable knowing that no baby is perfect, yes, your baby might sleep train wonderfully, but there will be some shit nights still and she lets us know that’s okay! I love the chart, it’s been a huge guiding light in our training. Chrissy not only gives you the foundation for sleep training, but she gives you the tools to get through it mentally. I cannot recommend Chrissy and this book to enough people!
    Thank you for your guidance Chrissy! Xxx

  5. Maria Vignes (verified owner)

    Love this book. Short and concise, with everything you need to know about sleep training and I especially love the 14 day plan. But what makes this book truly special is that you share your personal experience. It makes it so easy to trust the process and is comforting to know during those difficult times.

  6. Brittany Huber

    I spent hours and hours (while holding my sleeping baby-because she would only sleep in my arms) reading posts on Facebook groups and blog posts about the right and wrong way to sleep train. I could not afford to pay for a sleep course, but I was desperate. I bought this book and one other book that was 3x as long. I got half way through the other book and had no information on what my sleep training plan would be, so I started reading this book. It is short, so I was able to read it in 2 nights. Each page was full of information, though! This book gives examples of different ways to help your baby learn good sleep habits. It reassures you that you are mak in g the right decision for your baby, and even reminds you that if you pick one method, then change your mind, it’s okay! I stressed for weeks about sleep training, but I knew we had to do something. This book had me feeling so empowered and ready! I was mentally prepared, and sleep training was so much easier than I anticipated! And now, I feel so free! I put my baby down for bed and she falls asleep right away. I clean, snack, and take a bath whenever I want! We do have setbacks sometimes, but this book also covered those and how to handle sleep regressions. If I had known how much of a difference this book would make in my life and my baby’s life, I would have spent a million dollars on it. I know some babies need more specific direction and more one-on-one troubleshooting, but this book was all we needed. I recommend it to everyone. Two of my friends were so impressed that they also used this book for sleep training.

  7. Mallory

    This book is so helpful! She writes it as if you’re chatting with your girlfriend about sleep training. It’s a quick read and I find myself referencing it often with my second baby. We’ll be sleep training soon and I’ve already got this on my night stand. Cannot recommend this book enough!

  8. Kaylee

    When I was first pregnant the one thing I wanted to start working towards was a good sleep foundation! This book outlined that for me and helped me implement those sleep habits from day 1 bringing our little girl home! Couldn’t recommend these book enough! It is my go to baby shower gift as well all know mothers worry about their babies sleep!!

  9. Sabrina Le

    This book is pure gold!! I started good techniques with my baby at 4 months old with the help of this guide. I love how easy it is to read. I was done in about an hour or so! My best friend just had a baby and of course I had to buy this for her as well!!

  10. Katie

    I feel so much more comfortable, confident, and prepared to sleep train my baby! Chrissy really gives you the cliff notes on sleep training, pros and cons, tips, tricks, and troubleshoots possible struggles all in 90 pages! With 3 different sleep training overviews, you can choose which one works best for your family as Chrissy walks you through realistic implementation. Love how concise and doable her tips and methods are!

  11. Kalen

    Love the simplicity of the book! It makes me feel comfortable with some CIO and allowing nursing sessions for much longer than many consultants “allow”. I wish it had more “what to do when…” situations and specifics but it has the basics covered!

  12. Leslie

    This book SAVED my sanity. My goal was to wean my son from his nighttime feeding at 1.5 and also have him sleep through the night which was not happening at 17 months. I read this book in ONE day and within 3 days, my son was sleeping through the night AND we weaned that last night time feeding! 🤯 the tips included in the book were so helpful. I recommend this book to all my friends who struggle with their baby not sleeping!

  13. Yelda Olsen

    I loved this book. Bought one for myself and one for my friends. Sleep trained my lo when she was 6 mo. She was sleep trained in TWO days. I mean… What?? 😁 Should have started when she was 4 months haha. Anyways, you will find the answer to any questions you have in this book.

  14. Helen

    So I started off with this book which was indispensable in navigating newborn sleep as a first time mum! I also bought the newborn course also amazing and had a hour consultation with Chrissy around 5 months because we had the dreaded dropping the dummy crying through the night issue. Little one is now 14 months and sleeps like a dream! 12 hours a night and two good naps a day. I wouldn’t be this sane or well rested without Chrissy!!!!

  15. Laney

    My saving grace. Truly. Completely sleep trained my first baby in 4 days after many sleepless months. He will be two and still to this day sleeps like a champ. She narrows everything down to a T. You will never feel unsuccessful or confused. Currently using this exact book to sleep train our 8 month old!

  16. Stephanie Jones Robinson

    This book was recommended to me by a friend and man am I glad that it was! This book was a game changer! My baby was 5 months old when we started sleeping training and he is such an amazing sleeper! I also referred back to it when I dropped his night feed at 9 months. It is a quick and easy read which makes the entire processes less stressful! I have and will continue to recommend this book to anyone and everyone! Thanks for changing our sleep lives for the better Chrissy!

  17. Carlie Baker

    Absolutely love the peace of mind this book gave us as new parents. As a new mom I needed my own sleep in order to be the best momma to my family. This book guide us through sleep training our babe so that we could get sleep ourselves. We were able to train her in one weekend and she’s slept 10-12 hours a night, unless I’ll, ever since. Christine is also an amazing source of knowledge on her instagram page and has personally messaged me back when I had questions on sleep training and nap lengths. So so thankful for this book and her!

  18. Rachael M

    I really liked this book! I’d say it’s a solid 4.5 stars, but I rounded up. It was straightforward and easy to read in a short amount of time. I have the physical copy and it’s been nice to go back and reference something when I need to. My favorite part of the book was the sleep log. I loved visually seeing my baby’s sleep progress.
    My only complaints about this book are 1- the tables looked a little unprofessional and I wish they were bigger and took up more of the page and 2- there were just a few subjects I wish she went more in-depth on, like HOW to extend nap time and deal binky stuff.
    Like I said, great book, short read and nice to reference back to when needed.

  19. Chan

    I read chrissys book when i was pregnant with my son and then again when he was almost 4 months. All i can say is that sleep training saves lives. It makes me a better mom because we’re all better rested and he loves going to bed. There’s still hiccups every so often, but when i go back to the basics it all resolved quickly! I love how quick the book was and her approaches were brief, thorough and manageable!

  20. Kristin

    The best sleep book around! Ordered it when my 2nd baby was born and it was amazing.

  21. Courtney Shea

    I found this book very useful! I had so many worries about dos and don’ts. She lays out all the options to be able to make a choice that best fits your family and your child’s needs. My husband and I weren’t on the same page about the method we wanted to go with until we read this book. We were able to choose and follow the steps and troubleshoot as we went. It’s nice not to have to always second guess and wonder.. do we leave him, do we pick him up etc etc. it’s all in the book!

  22. Skyelar

    This guide changed our lives! We didn’t start sleep training until our little guy was 7 months. Chrissy’s guide made it so easy with the detailed steps and encouragement. I recommend to ALL of my new mama friends!

  23. Holly

    Bought this book before baby #2 was due and it was a game changer!! So helpful and encouraging.

  24. Cait

    Get Your Sleep On made all the difference in figuring out the best way to get into good sleep habits and patterns. We are so happy with the improvements made by implementing the suggestions in the book. Better sleep for the whole house!

  25. Audrey

    This book helped me sleep train my babe so much! The different methods in the book helped to figure out which worked best for our guy. We started sleep training about a month ago (around 6 1/2 months old) and he did sooo good! Within 3-4 nights he was sleeping ALL through the night for 11-12 hours. We had trouble with crap naps as well and it guided us through that. Naps are now usually 1-1.5 hours long. Best sleep guide book I have read!

  26. Marissa

    Can’t say enough about this book! I continuously reference it at every milestone for my babies. Best of all, it’s a quick read!

  27. Ann

    I had bought the book off of amazon and I’m so glad I did! My last baby was 10 years ago so I needed a refresher. This was a perfect quick read that I needed to remember that schedules are so important! I got my daughter sleep trained around 5 months old and she still does fantastic at 13 months! So grateful for this book!

  28. Caylin

    Quick easy read that broke sleep training down and made it less intimidating. I wish I would’ve found this sooner.

  29. Kira

    This book helped me and my baby so much, even as a mom of 4 it taught me new things. Baby boy is now 2 and sleeps so well! I attribute it to the sleep training we did when he was little.

  30. Jessica Little

    Worth every single penny and recommend to everyone I know with a little one. My baby has slept 12+ hours a night for so long. Everyone is happier when they get a good nights sleep. This is a must buy and I will be gifting this at every baby shower I go to from now on!

  31. Jaci

    We love love loved this book. It was SO PRACTICAL and easy to implement. It felt like a mama friend giving me advice that I could actually use. We used CIO and sleep training has been the BEST THING. We referred back to it often our girl would get sick, pop a tooth, we travelled, etc. Now we have a wild toddler who sticks to her sleep schedule that we implemented early thanks to this book! Honestly—she asks for a nap if we get behind or busy! Couldn’t recommend this enough!

  32. Mallory

    This book is the best resource. She wrote it like you’re chatting with a friend. I bought for my first baby and am referencing it with my second. Super quick read and super helpful! Highly recommend!

  33. Ashley Marley

    This guide is incredible and really a no BS book. It’s black and white and super easy to read and follow.

  34. Rachel

    This book is the best guide on how to sleep train your baby. It gives great advice on where to start and reasons why it will work. We tried it with our 10 month baby and he now sleeps through the night. Before he would walk up 5-6 times a night.

  35. Natalie Torres

    What a great resource!!! Easy to read, straight to the point and important info you need when you’re losing your mind over your baby’s sleep… or lack there of! THANK YOU FOR THIS GUIDE!!!

  36. Erica J

    I love all the options and what if’s but the thing I love most was hearing that I could trust my momma gut and how to use that feeling to comfort my baby while still getting her into a great sleep pattern.

  37. Jamie Murphy

    This book is awesome, it takes an hour or two to read and is very reassuring that your mama instincts are always right! She’s very real and honest in this book about her own experiences and that is so helpful and important to me.

  38. Heather Grieder

    I got this book to sleep train my 18 month old who was waking 5 times a night. We did the modified cry it out and he’s doing so much better. So much great information in this book. I loved the chart she created and I made one for us to use too! Will be buying for my sister and her newborn!

  39. Krystal Morgan

    Being a full time working mom of two I was desperate for sleep but also lacking time to read a full book on sleep training… or so I thought. This book is great! It is short, sweet and straight to the point. The language is also super easy to read and feel like your just getting advice from another mom! Highly recommend!

  40. Melissa

    If you’re at the point where you’re reading reviews I know you’re sleepy and frustrated and you don’t have to look any further! I heard from a friend that this book saved her sanity and within a week my spouse and I had read it cover to cover and were ready to get started. It was one of the very BEST decisions we have made so far for our son and although it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows, Chrissy’s book arms you with the knowledge, encouragement, and reassurance needed to successfully sleep train your little one. I was comfortable and confident in the process and having this book in hand was a solid reminder that we were doing this FOR our little guy – giving him (and ourselves!) the gift of restful sleep. It turned out world upside down in the best way, and we finally got our mojo back! Do your family a big favor and order this book – you won’t be sorry and because it’s a quick and easy read, you will all be snoozing in no time!

  41. McKayla

    I bought this book about 2 years ago, in preparation for my first baby. I actually didn’t read it until my baby was 6 months old and sleeping terrible!!I was so miserable. I read the book and followed your Instagram page and it was LIFE CHANGING! My husband I used CIO and all your tips and tricks in the book, and within 1 week, our baby was sleep trained. Still to this day, she can be laid down awake and is capable of getting to sleep on her own. I couldn’t recommend this book more!

  42. Jessica

    Bought this book even before my baby was born. Recommended by a friend. I know I wanted to sleeptrain and wanted def no nonsense. This is what this book is! I can only say amazing things about this book. Buy it now. Totally worth it. If you like your sanity, you need this!

  43. Makalyn

    I absolutely loved this book! I read it in one day. Within the next few days, I had my 12 month old trained for 2 naps a day and going to bed at night without a fight. 5 stars recommend! Such an easy read

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