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  1. Hiring Chrissy to sleep train our baby was hands down, the best investment we’ve ever made to improve our quality of life. 

    Our baby was a terrible sleeper and eater from the beginning. Since birth the longest stretch of sleep he ever got was 2.5 hours and putting him to bed at night and for naps was a very long process of rocking him, bouncing him, or going into a dark bathroom and swaying him — it was completely exhausting. We were waking up sometimes 5 times a night and were running on fumes. 

    Enter Chrissy. Before she came we had several consultations, one in particular where she encouraged us to see a pediatric dentist who specializes in infant tongue and lip ties. It’s worth noting an ENT released our baby’s tongue tie but left his lip tie because they thought it would not pose a problem, our lactation consultant and pediatrician agreed. With Chrissy’s insistence I made an appointment and the dentist told us our baby’s lip tie was one of the worse she had seen and released it that day. Later that afternoon I could feel a difference in his latch and he was finally able to take a bottle. In the next couple of days his consumption doubled and we started seeing four hour stretches at night, still with a lot of effort to get him to sleep, but it was amazing. On top of that our baby was finally filling out and that alone was such a relief. 

    But little did we know the relief and sleep gains we would see once he was sleep trained. Chrissy arrived before bedtime on a Wednesday. Immediately we could sense how much she loves babies and the passion she has for sleep training. She very patiently explained the process and was so gentle in her approach with both our baby and managing my anxiety and fear. The first night our baby only woke up two times and by the third night he was fussing less than 10 minutes at bedtime and sleeping 13 hours with two wake ups. 

    After she left we hit a couple roadblocks, our baby got a fever after his vaccines and the progress was not linear. Chrissy was on the phone with us every day and texting us multiple times to check in and make tweaks. It’s been about 10 days since she was here and yesterday our baby slept for 12 hours and only woke up once. Not only are we so much happier and more rested but he is so much more alert and playful during the day. It’s been an incredible transformation for the whole family. 

    Beyond the results, Chrissy is a wonderful, kind and compassionate person. It can be scary to have a stranger take your baby at night but after a couple hours with her, you can tell your baby is in capable and kind hands. My husband and I felt so confident in her tenderness and capacity to care for him that we even went to a hotel on the third night for a little staycation.

    I can’t recommend this option enough for any parents struggling with a tricky sleeper. I was really scared to hear my baby cry and having Chrissy there to hold my hand and point out progress like variability in crying made it bearable. I did not have the confidence to go at it alone but I’m so glad we went through with sleep training. Having a baby you can set down awake for naps and bedtime who falls asleep in 10 minutes and stays asleep for long stretches is life changing. I finally feel like I have my life back.

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In-Home Concierge Service: Chrissy In-Home Concierge Service: Chrissy
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