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Ready to dive into sleep learning, but want some support along the way? This is the perfect package for you! Chat through all your questions and concerns with one of our trained sleep consultants before you start the sleep learning process. They will help curate a plan specific to your little one based on their personal history and your wishes for how you want to proceed. You can move forward with confidence knowing that you’ll have a check in daily with your consultant for the next 2 weeks, allowing for opportunities to troubleshoot and adjust your plan as needed based on how things are going. What You’ll Get:
  • Up to 60 Minute Pre-Sleep Learning call to get to know you, your baby, and answer any questions you may have before we get started and come up with a plan for your family.
  • Daily 10-min check-ins for 1 week, available for seven consecutive days
  • BONUS: Free access to the 4-24 Months Content Library ($188 value)
  • BONUS: Discounted package rates on extra, continued support
You’ll get guidance to fit exactly what you need. No more ambiguity, wondering, confusion, and overwhelm. You’ll be empowered with expert advice and feel confident moving forward with a plan!
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11 reviews for Personalized Consultations Premium Package

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  1. I have really enjoyed the course with the check ins every day. It really feels like I have a support system. I personally haven’t needed a check in every day but it’s so nice to know someone is rooting for us!

  2. Definitely recommend! Our consultant was Ashley & she was amazing! The daily check-ins were exactly what we needed to be able to make adjustments & really figure out what was working & what wasn’t. Ashley made us feel so comfortable with the process. We were able to try multiple different approaches to see what was really working for us. She was flexible, always took her time with us, & never made us like we were asking too many questions. Our baby is finally getting more sleep & it has made such a huge difference in our lives.

  3. I cannot share enough how much I appreciate Susannah’s help. I worked with her once before for a regular 1-time consultation, where she really helped me troubleshoot needing to get my daughter’s lip and tongue ties released. Now, we are currently on day 10 of the 14 day daily check ins and it has been life changing. My husband is deployed so it’s just my 4 month old and I, and having the support and guidance from Susannah has completely changed my relationship with my daughter, and my own confidence of learning how to work WITH my daughter to get better sleep for us all. It’s been incredible and so worth the cost. She’s helped us navigate not only sleep learning, but also starting daycare all at the same time. She’s my fairy sleep-mother 🙂

  4. Ashley is my sleep consultant! I’m 10 days in right now and WOW this course has been beyond worth it for my family. Before signing up and taking the plunge into this, I was waking up every 2 hours to feed my daughter and her naps were truly aggravatingly sporadic and usually only peaceful and deep if she did a contact nap. It was impossible to get anything done let alone play with our older 7 year old. However, Ashley helped me feel so confident in the new routine, and I watched my daughter grow so independent with napping. She was able to put herself to sleep and stay asleep with 2 nursings in a 12 hour period, and that was by night 3! Now, night 10, she is only waking up once to nurse in the middle of the night, having amazing naps during the day on more of a predictable schedule, and most importantly, I feel more confident and relaxed. It’s absolutely worth the investment!

  5. Susannah was AMAZING! I waited until my son was 9 months old to do this, but I wish I hadn’t. My husband and I were deliriously tired when we started, listening to his middle of the night “talking sessions” from his crib and 4 am wake-ups every single day. Just 3-4 days in, we managed to get full nights of sleep with 6 am wake-ups, and now even later than that. She understood our situation and our baby, and gave advice that immediately made a difference. The check-ins were so helpful and a nice little boost of support each day. I cannot thank Susannah enough!

  6. Honestly, I cannot recommend this enough. We were able to work with Britta who was truly invested in helping my son and I figure out this sleep thing. We went from waking EVERY HOUR most nights to one or no wakings at all! Even more importantly, Britta helped me feel confident in understanding my sons sleep needs and making decisions around how to meet them. My low sleep needs little guy, who takes terrible daycare naps, is finally napping great at home and sleeping so much more consistently at night! Don’t wait, the investment in working with a consultant is completely worth it!

  7. Our consultation with Ashley was LIFE CHANGING. I cannot praise you and your consultants enough. My previous snoo baby who was up every 45 minutes and required nursing to sleep WHILE pacing (logistically so hard) is initiating sleep on her own in 2 minutes most nights. She sleeps solid 7-8 hours with just one overnight feeding the goes back down for 3 more hours. Ashley empowered me to feel confident to follow my mom-gut, be consistent, and responsive when I felt like I needed to be. We are tackling DST like champions and my 8 month old contact napper put herself to sleep in her crib for nap time in less than 60 seconds.

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