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3 reviews for Personalized Consultations Premium Package

  1. Cristina Batista (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend this enough! We went from cosleeping (poorly) and room sharing with SEVERAL wakeups to independently sleeping in his own room within less than a week with 2 wake-ups! I’m not going to lie, modified CIO can be tough – but it’s worth it. We have a much happier and well-rested babe (and mama). Ashley was so understanding and flexible. I now have the tools I need to get through future regressions too. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

  2. Ellyn V Jung (verified owner)

    I reeeeeally held off on purchasing this as long as I could. I felt like with all the info out there and having purchased the e-book, I should be able to figure it out by myself. But at 6 months baby could initiate sleep, but naps were still short and he was co-sleeping overnight (not by choice) and would cry as soon as we put him in his crib. Two weeks later, I barely know what to do with myself during his long naps! And he is sleeping in his crib all night. We’re still working on cutting back night wakings, but that’s mostly because we live in an apartment and I’m hesitant to do too much CIO overnight. But he’s waking at most every three hours which is a HUGE improvement from before. Plus my back is in much better shape thanks to not cosleeping 🙂 Thank you Britta!

  3. Abbey May (verified owner)

    Worth every penny! Britta was my consultant and I can’t begin to express the gratitude I have for her help. My son was bed sharing, waking up 5+ times a night, taking 30 minute naps so I was nervous that this wasn’t going to work for us. By the 4th night he was putting himself to sleep in the crib and taking naps alone. I cried I was so happy. The 14 day follow up was exactly what we needed as we figured his ideal wake windows and small tweaks here and there. This was a pivotal moment in my journey as a mother. I get to enjoy my son Instead of dread naps and nighttime.

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