Personalized Consultations Advanced Package

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If you’re experiencing a little hiccup in sleep learning and need a quick answer or if you’re short on time and just need a general, quick and dirty “how-to” for sleep learning, this package is just for you! Choose either a 30-minute session or a 60-minute session with one of our Peaceful Sleeper Consultants and get your questions answered.

Note: Consultations are scheduled after purchase, time slots are usually available 2-7 days out. If you need sleep help ASAP, book an SOS Consultation here.

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52 reviews for Personalized Consultations Advanced Package

  1. Alicia Lobeiras (verified owner)

    I did a phone consultation with Ashley because my 6-month old was sleeping great at night but was taking 30 min naps during the day and was super grumpy! She helped me figure out a schedule that would work for him and a strategy to get him to lengthen his naps. He’s consistently taking 1 hr+ naps at least once, usually twice a day, falling asleep independently in the crib and today even took a 2 hour nap which he has NEVER done in the crib before. I felt super supported throughout and would recommend a session with Ashley to anyone that needs some guidance and will definitely be booking another one if we have any other sleep issues pop up!

  2. Maya Rozov (verified owner)

    I worked with Ashley and she was a LIFE SAVER both for my baby and for my sanity!! I had started sleep training at 4 months and at about 6 months hit a major regression. I found myself holding my baby for every single nap! Ashley helped me press the re-set button on both day naps and night sleeping, and was with me every step of the way, day and night. She was such an amazing guide and teacher, thoughtfully answered all of my questions, encouraging me when I was stressed out and also just a fun and hilarious mom to chat with about mom life! My baby learned independent sleep (major!!), is sleeping through the night and taking longer naps! It is a game changer for baby, and for me, on a personal and professional level, because now my days are so much more predictable. I’m forever grateful to Ashley!!

  3. Bianca (verified owner)

    I had a 30 minute phone consult with Chrissy and it was so helpful to get sleep back on track for my 2 year old! We were having multiple night wakings due to separation anxiety and we were at the end of our rope! Chrissy’s advice was SO good and within a week our daughter was back to sleep 11 hours through the night with no waking up! Chrissy is the real deal!!

  4. Stephanie

    I did a sleep consulting session with Britta because I just needed some clarity and to talk things through to a real person. My son was sleeping through the night because we laid the right foundations but at 9 months started early rising. She talked me through how to encourage him to sleep for that extra morning hour. In fact it didn’t take long for her advice to work. He sleeps later than our toddler some mornings! Don’t hesitate. Just call them! They know what they’re doing.

  5. Courtney

    I did phone consultations with Britta once it was time to sleep train my twin boys. I had read the book, “Get Your Sleep On” plus done my own research, but with twins I had some more questions and concerns. Britta was so knowledgable and helped me feel confident. Within days our boys were sleeping soooo much better!

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