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If you’re experiencing a little hiccup in sleep learning and need a quick answer or if you’re short on time and just need a general, quick and dirty “how-to” for sleep learning, this package is just for you! Choose either a 30-minute session or a 60-minute session with one of our Peaceful Sleeper Consultants and get your questions answered.

Note: Consultations are scheduled after purchase, time slots are usually available 2-7 days out. If you need sleep help ASAP, book an SOS Consultation here.

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52 reviews for Personalized Consultations Advanced Package

Based on 52 reviews
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  1. I finally feel normal because I’m sleeping now and I have Kayla Younger to thank. Kayla is amazing. Period. I can’t recommend her highly enough because she listened to all my needs and designed a program for my son who was waking up every 1.5 hours at 6 months. She kept in mind all the things I was comfortable with and was not comfortable with. In short, she had my baby sleeping through the night using a gentle sleep learning method. This means I FINALLY began sleeping again. We then started nap training and even then Kayla was amazing. Now my son is on a great schedule and I finally relax knowing I’m not going to hear him wake up after every sleep cycle.

    Her Instagram is also very educational and useful for lots of information related to babies.

  2. I booked a 30 minute consultation with Britta (and later some 15 minute follow up calls) and have found her to be such an invaluable resource. Nap training has been very tricky for my little one but Britta is so knowledgeable and lovely. My only regret is that I didn’t get the short follow up calls right off the bat before starting nap training so I would be set up to check in sooner for some tweaking of the plan/trouble shooting.

  3. I’ve been following The Peaceful Sleeper on Instagram since before my son was born (he’s now 6 months) and I have picked up so many amazing tips but I still needed help, I was tired and frustrated and just couldn’t get my baby to nap longer than 30-45 mins and he was waking up tired and grumpy.
    I booked a 30 minute consultation with Britta, and the very next day got him napping 1hr and 1hr 40 mins!! I got some excellent guidance on how to better adjust his wake windows and some things to try when he does wake up before the one hour mark. I so appreciate the ability to be able to book a quick chat and talk to an experienced coach to make sure I’m on the right track to better sleep!

  4. We’ve worked with Britta twice, once on our daughter’s initial sleep training at 5 months and then for a toddler tube-up at 22 months. We so appreciated Britta’s knowledge, understanding, and adaptability, and her desire to tailor her advice to our child and what was important to our family. If you’re hesitating, definitely book the call.

  5. We have had a couple of phone consults with Ashley. She is wonderful and a life saver. It’s been some of the best money we have spent – very down to earth advice for scheduling naps and bedtime, tips and tricks for issues, and general support for anything sleep related. I recommend Peaceful Sleeper to everyone with babies that I know. Our family can’t thank the team enough!

  6. Ashley was extremely helpful to us in a tricky time. My 4 month old was in the middle of a sleep regression, cold, and learning the new skill of rolling. His naps and overnight sleep were a mess. She provided me with some great ideas and also gave me the reassurance I needed. We’ll worth the call!

  7. Susannah was absolutely a pleasure to work with. She listened to my concerns and helped me develop a plan that was easy to implement and worked well for my daughters.

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Personalized Consultations Advanced Package Personalized Consultations Advanced Package
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