Restore The Magic of Motherhood by Getting Great Sleep

Restore The Magic of Motherhood by Getting Great Sleep

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What if you and your baby were well-rested everyday?

Sleep deprivation takes a toll. You may have just accepted that you have a tiny baby, so you’ll be tired. That doesn’t have to be true! Being tired takes a toll on our mental well-being, and it takes a toll on our babies.

Moms who are sleep deprived are more likely to experience postpartum depression, anxiety and baby blues. Babies who aren’t getting enough rest are fussy and discontent. Both of those factors put a strain on your budding relationship with your little one, and deprive you of the joy you could otherwise be experiencing in motherhood.

You can sleep train your baby with peace and confidence, getting support along the way for maximum success!

Sleep Training Course Features

Over three hours of video content from The Peaceful Sleeper, Christine Lawler! Specially designed to be the one-stop-shop for all your sleep training questions!

You’ll learn the theories behind sleep training tactics. This will help you feel empowered and confident to understand and tackle any unique challenges that come your way.

A step-by-step approach that you can customize for you and your baby! All babies are different and it’s crucial to have the right tools to help you choose and implement/execute method that will really work!

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For Children 4-24 Months


I Always Knew I Wanted to be a Mom.

Sure, pregnancy had it’s uncomfortable moments but I also loved feeling those little kicks and envisioning life with my little babe. The snuggles, the giggles, playing with my baby’s little hands and feet—kissing that cute little button nose. Wrapping him or her up in that darling, overpriced but gorgeous swaddle blanket with a perfect little bow. Dreaming of being a mom is kind of magical.

Photo of exhausted new mom crying. It's possible to sleep better with help of Las Vegas infant sleep consultants at The Peaceful Sleeper

And actually being a mom has some pretty magical moments too! But what I wasn’t totally prepared for is the other part of it. The overwhelm. The exhaustion. The mom-guilt not knowing what I was doing wrong or wondering if I was good enough. The lonely moments. Those moments when baby was crying and I couldn’t figure out how to calm her down. The frustrating moments when I felt aggravated with my spouse or snappy with my toddler, or worst of all, frustrated with my baby.

No one really talks about those moments, which adds to the guilt and overwhelm. And the exhaustion makes it all feel amplified.

Have you had a good night of sleep since your baby was born? Maybe someone came over to help or your husband took the night shift or let you sleep in. Did you wake up feeling AMAZING?! After a night of great sleep you feel like a whole new person. You have this pep in your step and somehow the clouds have parted and you feel energized, excited and JOYFUL. The moments with your babe are so much sweeter. You feel more love for your spouse, your toddler, yourself— heck you even feel more love for the neighbor and the FedEx guy. Getting good sleep restores you and brings out your best self.

Read What Other Mommas Think

I just feel the need to sing your praises again. This time last year we were in a hard place at three and a half months. The holidays were tough to say the least. We sleep trained at 4 months and I'm not kidding when I say I think you saved our marriage and sanity.
Liz Mann
Formerly Exhausted Mother
I'm now on day six and my baby has gone to bed without crying or being rocked for the last three nights and also for most naps. I feel so free to clean my house and work on self care, and it's just going to get better from here. THANK YOU!
Brittany Huber
Mother of One
I read all the guides, book, and listened to so many of your Facebook lives and I swear you changed our lives. This was our third kid and from the time she turned 4 months she has gone down for every single nap and bedtime on her own and sleeps 12 hours without fail.
Veteran Sleep Trainer
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Baby sleeping on adult chest calmly with expert sleep training from The Peaceful Sleeper | Professional Sleep Training Consultant

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Which Life Do You Want?

Before Sleep Training

  • Trying to console a crying, fussy, overtired baby who you know is exhausted but he just won’t sleep.
  • Rocking and bouncing baby until you feel like your arms are going to fall off.
  • Honing in your ninja skills while you put baby down ever-so-carefully and stealth-crawl out of the room so she won’t wake up.
  • Letting your baby sleep in your bed, even though you never wanted to co-sleep. Sleeping lightly because you wake up to every stir and kick, and you’re terrified you’ll accidentally roll over onto him, but it’s the only way he’ll sleep so you feel desperate.
  • Trying to get stuff done or have some quiet time but, instead, doing a yo-yo of trips back into baby’s room to get her to *finally* fall asleep
  • Feeling trapped because you’re the only one who can get baby to sleep
  • Putting your marriage on the back burner to cater to baby’s endless nighttime routine

After Sleep Training

  • Tuning into baby’s sleepy cues, to know exactly how and when to put her down before she get’s fussy.
  • Truly understanding sleep training theories and then applying with confidence
  • Setting baby in the crib awake, with peace of mind knowing that she can effortlessly and happily fall asleep on her own.
  • Predictable nap times and lengths so you can plan your day accordingly and be home when you need to be, with plenty of time to get out and be busy
  • Baby can fall asleep independently, so it’s effortless and stress-free to be away for date night or girls night because you know baby can fall asleep fine whether you’re home or not.
  • Spending quality time with your spouse or alone at night between baby’s bedtime and yours
  • Feeling peace, clarity and joy in motherhood

Which One Describes How You Do Things?

If you want a life with a sleep trained baby, you’re in luck! In this comprehensive Sleep Training Course you’ll learn how to sleep train your baby and take you and your baby’s sleep back.

You deserve to enjoy motherhood. You deserve to get good sleep, and so does your baby. You will BOTH benefit immensely from getting great sleep, and I want you both to be happy and experience that joy and brightness that comes from being well-rested.

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Course Details

After purchasing, you get two years of access to the course. Plenty of time to get you through sleep training your little one!

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