Mom Gut VS Anxiety

This can be so hard to discern especially if you are prone to anxiety. I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing the difference between my anxiety acting up or my mom gut telling me something, but sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me. 

My Experience

Recently my youngest, London, was pretty sick. She didn’t have a fever, but she wasn’t acting like herself and she was very disoriented. 

My rational part of my brain told me she was fine, but then another part of my brain said:

“But what if she’s dying?”

My Adivice

I asked myself is this my mom gut or my anxiety. So I used a tip that a good friend taught me:

If it’s your mom gut/ Spirit/ God/ Universe, it’s usually with calm and gives you a direction. It’s not an ambiguous and intrusive thought, and it leads you towards a direction and empowers you.

If it’s anxiety then it just leaves you a thought with no direction, no solution, and no clarity. 

I used this with London and saw that it was my anxiety leaving these thoughts in my head. I knew she didn’t need to go to the hospital, but I made a little bed on the floor and slept with her that night. 

Real Talk

My anxiety still got to me a little in that situation, but I knew that my baby would benefit more with me being with her than us sitting in an emergency room with a bunch of sick strangers in the middle of the night when she really didn’t need that. 

Mom gut is real and is so helpful, but know the difference between what is trying to help you and what anxious thoughts are trying to scare you. 



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