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With your newborn, it’s important to get them into a nice and snug & tight swaddle. In this swaddle tutorial (with videos)l, I’ll show you exactly how to swaddle your newborn!

Look familiar?

baby in a swaddle that is too loose | The Peaceful Sleeper


There’s nothing more alarming than walking in to grab your sleeping baby and discovering that the swaddle has unraveled and is now covering their face.

Talk about instant heart attack.

Plus, babies (especially newborns) LOVE to be swaddled up tight so knowing how to do a good swaddle is key.

a swaddle tutorial to avoid loose swaddles and keep baby safe | The Peaceful Sleeper

So the question every parent asks is– HOW?!

Not to worry, I’ve got 3 tutorials for you using my three favorite blankets.

Swaddle Video Tutorial for a Tight Swaddle

In these videos, I’ll show you how to get the perfect swaddle with 3 different blankets!

The key is to get your first couple of wraps super tight so baby’s arms can’t wiggle free.

Aden & Anais Swaddle Tutorial with Muslin Blanket

Be sure to watch the entire Aden & Anais swaddle tutorial above!

First, we’ve got the oh so popular Aden & Anais muslin swaddle blankets.

I love these because they are sooo soft and versatile and they wash really well. They’re cute but not so cute that you die a little bit inside when baby has a massive blowout on them.

The biggest downside is that they can unravel if baby is squirmy. So tie that sucker tight.

Posh Peanut Blanket Swaddle Tutorial with Stretchy Fabric

I love these swaddles from Posh Peanut because they’re very stretchy!

Again, a tight swaddle is what you want, and it’s what baby likes too.

Milkmaid Swaddle Tips

I really love these swaddle blankets from Milkmaid Goods because they are beautiful!

Plus, they’re super lightweight which is great if you’re in a hot climate like me.

Check out that full Milkmaid swaddle tips and tutorial above!

Recap of How to Wrap a Tight Swaddle

swaddle tutorial for a tight baby swaddle | The Peaceful Sleeper

If all that seems too complex, just grab yourself a velcro swaddle like the “Swaddle Me” and call it a day.

I, personally, like these better after baby is 6 weeks old or so, but I like a traditional swaddle blanket in the beginning.

Remember, the key is to get the first couple of moves reallllly tight. If you do it too loose baby will wiggle out!

And remember, these swaddle tutorials can be applied to almost any baby blanket!

Happy Swaddling!

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Extra Swaddle Video & Resources

There’s a lot of debate on this one, but learn what I think about swaddles vs sleep sacks here!

Here are 5 things to know about swaddles!

Ready to transition baby out of a swaddle? Watch this quick video below!

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