Velcro Swaddle: Recommendations, Velcro vs Regular & Benefits

Velcro swaddles, are they worth the money to help newborns sleep? The short answer: YES!!

Velcro VS Regular Swaddle

The number one reason why Velcro swaddles are worth it is because most parents don’t know how to do a swaddle that is tight enough. Some parents don’t trust themselves, so they end up with this loose swaddle that is not only dangerous, but it’s ineffective.

A loose swaddle can be dangerous because baby can wiggle around in it and the swaddle can go up over their face, which is definitely not what we want.

So, if you’re scared of not doing the swaddle right, a Velcro swaddle is the perfect solution.

Reasons to Use a Swaddle

baby in a velcro swaddle | The Peaceful Sleeper

  1. It mimics the feeling of the womb when they were nice and confined.

If baby can still wiggle a lot, then they’re going to feel trapped, confined, and pissed. If it’s nice and tight and snug, then they succumb to that nice and snug feeling and feel calm and relaxed. Whatever we can do that keeps baby nice and calm and snug is going to help so much with their sleep in the long run, so a tight swaddle is key!

  1. Keeps arms more closely pinned to them so that when their arms jerk, it won’t startle them and wake them up.

Brand new babies have a strong Moro Reflex, which is that jerking motion with their arms. Since newborn sleep is so shallow, this jerking motion wakes them up almost every time.  Newborns also don’t know how to self-soothe or initiate sleep yet, which means mom or dad is going to have to intervene to help get baby back to sleep.

For little babies, Velcro swaddles are worth the money because it helps them with the Moro reflex, especially if you don’t trust yourself to get a nice and tight swaddle. Velcro swaddles make it simple and easy and quick!


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Velcro for Older Babies?

a baby wrapped in a velcro swaddle | The Peaceful Sleeper

Once baby hits 8-10 weeks they still need to swaddle, but they’re starting to get a lot squirmier, especially around the 3-month mark. At 3 months they’re a lot stronger and squirmier, so they can quickly and easily break out of the swaddle.

For me, I usually do a regular swaddle blanket with my newborns, but once they hit 3 months, I switch over to Velcro.

Best Velcro Swaddles I Recommend

Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle:

This is a GREAT swaddle especially if your baby is extra squirmy! The Velcro keeps them nice and snug but it leaves room around the legs to let baby kick their feet around.

Swaddle Me:

a swaddle me brand velcro swaddle | The Peaceful Sleeper

This is another great Velcro swaddle for your newborn and your squirmy baby.

Ollie World Swaddle

The Ollie World is another great Velcro swaddle. It keeps the baby so nice and snug while leaving a little room for their legs to kick around. They also make it really to transition out of the swaddle when you’re ready with the “arms out” feature.

Dreamland Weighted Sleep Sacks

The Dreamland Weighted Sleep Sacks have both zippers AND velcro for an extra snug swaddle.

A lot of parents report that these weighted sleep sacks help their babies get great sleep! 

Use my code CHRISSY15 at checkout and you’ll get 15% off your order!

If you’re really determined to get the tight swaddle down without Velcro, I have a swaddle tutorial article and some swaddle tutorials on YouTube that you can check out! 

Recap of Velcro Swaddles

mother kissing her baby after taking him out of a swaddle | The Peaceful Sleeper

Velcro swaddles can be a fantastic option as long as you choose the right one!

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What’s your favorite velcro swaddle? Tell me in the comments below!


If you haven’t already, download my FREE newborn sleep guide. It’ll give you a good rundown on establishing good sleep for your newborn that you can print and keep with you!Download for free here 💤


Disclaimer about using weighted products: According to the 2022 AAP updated recommendations, “It is recommended that weighted blankets, weighted sleepers, or other weights not be placed on or near the sleeping infant. A single crossover randomized nonblinded trial of 16 infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome found no adverse events when a 1-pound weighted blanket was placed on each infant for 30 minute observed episodes. However, no studies have documented the safety of weights for infants in an unobserved, nonclinical sleep environment.” 

We at The Peaceful Sleeper believe in doing what feels best for you and your family. Since there have been no documented adverse “events” from using weighted sleep products (at the date of posting this), and no studies that prove that using a weighted product is unsafe (at the date of posting this), some parents feel comfortable using a weighted product and others do not. We always advocate for doing your own research, staying informed on up-to-date safety recommendations, and making an informed decision that’s best for your family.

You can find the full 2022 AAP guidelines here, and the study they used as evidence for their weighted product recommendation here. 

Christine Lawler

Christine Lawler

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