3 Reasons Why You Need a Sleep Consultant

When the plane is going down, whose oxygen mask are you supposed to put on first? Do firefighters run into burning buildings without protective gear and oxygen tanks? Do you start a marathon without fueling up on sleep and carbs first? With most things in life, success comes when you are in a stable and strong enough position to help others. And yet, in motherhood there seems to be this narrative that great mothers are people who self-sacrifice to the point of detriment. Who run into burning buildings every day with no protect equipment, who start their marathon without having eaten more than a cheerio chased by a glass of wine. Who run themselves into the ground in the name of giving everything they can to their kids. How does this make any logical sense?! I firmly believe that what makes me a great mom is that I am fulfilled, thriving, and thus have tons of love to give my children. I CAN give them what they need without it completely draining me, because I have a full tank to start each day. And it all starts with sleep. 

This is what I want for you. There are many ways you can go about getting great sleep for you and your family, however having a sleep consultant may just be one of the best ways and the solution to all your problems. Here are 3 reasons why you may benefit from a sleep consultant. 


1. Your Baby is Different 

The thing that sets The Peaceful Sleeper apart is that we see the full picture. We understand that your baby is not the same as other babies, and that there are multiple pieces to the puzzle of why your baby isn’t sleeping. Because of this, all of our courses and products have comprehensive strategies, and we teach you the WHY so you can tailor the methods to best suit your baby. But there is no way around it, it does take some work on your part. That’s just the nature of learning though reading and/or watching a video, as opposed to having a personal tutor work one-on-one with you. This is why we also offer individual consultations. Every baby is different, and different things are going to work for different babies, and WE GET THAT. I have worked with thousands of babies all over the world, so I know the many factors that play a role in optimizing your baby’s sleep. And I know that having a tricky baby is totally a thing. Sometimes you just need someone to hear YOUR situation, watch your baby through the monitor with you, explain to you exactly what their cues mean, and just tell. you. what. to. do. Also, there are thousands of potential questions that can come up when sleep training, and many of them are specific to your environment, your baby’s history and specific circumstances.  So even though I have a ton of troubleshooting guides where I address the most common issues and questions that come up, I can only be sure to answer all of your questions with a consultation. 


2. You Deserve Sleep Too! 

We all know that we need our babies to sleep like Friends needs an eleventh season. However, it’s just as important for YOU to get great sleep for two reasons. One is that you DESERVE great sleep.  And the second is, you have more to give your family when you are well rested. If you’ve been around my little corner of the internet for a hot minute, then you know I am also a marriage and family therapist. You may not know that I also struggled with Pregnancy OCD and Postpartum Depression during my pregnancies and postpartum, so I know first hand how much your mental health matters. In fact, I became a sleep consultant after realizing that many of my therapy client’s struggles stemmed from being exhausted. Getting great sleep can’t solve all your problems but it sure makes everything in life easier. And problems are much more fixable when we are happier, more patient, and have full tanks; which all happens when we get the sleep we need. By hiring a sleep consultant, you are giving your baby, and yourself, the sleep you both deserve. 

I know from my own experience that to give my children what they need, I have to start with myself. When your tank is full and you are thriving, then you can give your children and your family what they need. Being a great mom doesn’t mean you have to completely self-sacrifice, and in fact, putting yourself last and running yourself ragged isn’t doing your children any good. You deserve to feel happy and fulfilled, and that starts with being well-rested. If we can get your baby sleeping through the night with a quick and easy consultation (which we totally can!) then everyone will be getting the sleep they need and deserve, including you! 


3. Sometimes You Just Need Support

I truly believe that every baby can get great sleep and everyone deserves great sleep, which is why I have so many options available. I offer a free email series where you get aged-based sleep tips exactly when you need them, an Instagram account full of tips and tricks, video courses, troubleshooting guides, and an amazing exclusive community. These are all at varying price points and with varying degrees of support. However, an individual consultation is the fastest and easiest way to get your baby sleeping. Maybe you’re so exhausted you don’t know what day it is, or maybe you are so busy as CEO of Everything Under the Sun, or maybe you just want a no-fuss solution. Either way, we got you! Everyone thinks that their baby cannot be sleep trained or cannot get great sleep, however we have experience helping thousands of babies sleep, and we can assure you, every baby is capable of better sleep. And maybe even best of all, we are there to support you. We’re there to hold your hand, walk you through everything, and help you read your baby’s cues to determine what approach would work best for them. We can evaluate the process with you and work with you to make tweaks as necessary.  We understand your struggles, and are there to celebrate all the wins with you because we truly love nothing more than getting a family the sleep they deserve. 


So whatever your reasoning is, and wherever you and your baby are on your sleep journey, let us help you! Give yourself and your family the gift of life-long sleep skills. Let us hold your hand and take all the grunt work out of determining how and what you need to do in order to get your baby sleeping. We can watch your baby with you, create a step-by-step plan, and troubleshoot along the way.  It is an investment in your well-being and the well-being of your family, that has life-long benefits. 

If any of this sounds like it could help you, click here to get your sleep on! 


Christine Lawler

Christine Lawler

MS, LMFT, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, practicing for over 13 years. I’ve set out to do ALL of the research and I created a method to optimize baby sleep that is tuned in, empowering and WORKS. There absolutely should be joy in motherhood, and I have learned that every baby CAN get better sleep!

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