Group Sleep Training: The Best Kept Secret to Sleep Training Your Baby

How would you like to gain HOURS of your day back? How do you feel about sleeping through the night like a teenager without a care in the world? What about having your evenings reclaimed to do what YOU want? 


No, it’s not too good to be true. And no, I’m not encouraging you to abandon all your responsibilities and run away from home so you can finally get some sleep. I have a much more reasonable answer: Group sleep training! 


Group sleep training is the best! I’m not exaggerating when I say I truly LOVE IT! There’s just so much about it to love. Everything from the community, to the individualized sleep plan, the hours of consultations spanning weeks, to the fact that together we see MASSIVE progress after only one weekend! I’m talking about initiating sleep independently for nights AND naps! We often even see night wakings drop in the first weekend!! All on their own! But honestly, that’s not even all of the amazingness. Let me take a step back and outline it all in detail for you. Here is what I’ll cover in this blog: 


What is sleep training? 

Why should I sleep train my baby? 

What is group sleep training? 

What are the requirements for group sleep training? 

Why should I choose group sleep training? 


What is sleep training?


We all know that there are a lot of opinions out there on sleep training. But that’s mainly because everyone has a different definition of what sleep training is. When I say sleep training, I mean teaching your child the skills required to get good sleep, while being responsive, meeting their needs, and maintaining your attachment. Which boils down to prioritizing sleep and getting everyone the rest they deserve. Most importantly, I am a huge advocate for doing it in a way that works best for you and your family!  


Why should I sleep train my baby? 


Sleep is SO important. Not just for babies, but for everyone in your family. Sleep promotes physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. That’s pretty huge! Isn’t that everything we want for our children? And when parents are well rested, they are better able to give their children what they need. They are more patient, have more energy, are happier and are in a better space to adequately handle the challenges of parenthood, and life in general. 

You should sleep train your children because giving them the skills of great sleep is a life-long gift. 


Want to know another benefit to sleep training? Check out this Instagram reel:

Instagram Reel of Sleep Training Benefit |The Peaceful Sleeper


What is group sleep training? 


Now, group sleep training is not just sleep training your baby with a group of other parents, it is literally the most fun you will ever have! Unless you go on really cool vacations. Or you had your wedding at a carnival…Or you live in Disney World. Never mind. My point is, it’s fantastic! 

Virtual group sleep training meeting |The Peaceful Sleeper

Group sleep training is where you and a small group of other parents join me virtually for one weekend to sleep train all your babies together. Think girl’s night out meets virtual retreat. We meet via Zoom a few days ahead of time to get to know each other and set the stage for a successful weekend. Then, on the first night, we grab a drink, meet online for bedtime, and I sleep train your baby! I watch your baby monitor with you and help you make a plan that fits YOUR baby. For 4 consecutive days we are on zoom together for all bedtimes as well as several times throughout the day.


Most parents chose my Modified Cry It Out approach, however of course we can take an approach that works best for you. I teach you how to tune into your baby’s cues and find the balance between being consistent and being responsive. We troubleshoot as we go, and we are all there to support each other through the challenges and cheer each other on through the successes. 


You and your new mom friends are all in a group text so you can bounce ideas off each other and share your wins. Let’s remember that your new besties are like-minded parents. They joined the same group sleep training as you, so there is ZERO judgement and mom-shaming. Every month I am literally blown away by the way these moms (and dads) show up for each other. And months later they are still chatting to each other about the 18 month regression, travel tips, transitioning to a big kid bed, and everything in between.


After that first weekend we have follow-up calls for WEEKS so you are truly getting the full support that you need. We check in on how every baby is doing and make tweaks to everyone’s individual plan, if needed. Babies are not robots, so there are always going to be little (or sometimes big) things that come up along the way, which is why these follow-up calls are key. 

Happy Sleep Trained Baby |The Peaceful Sleeper

Group sleep training is also an AMAZING value. Let me break it down for you: 


The Details: 


What’s Included  Value
Lifetime access to my 4-24 month course $119
Lifetime access to our exclusive Facebook community where we hold two Facebook lives a week to answer all your questions $99
Over 20 hours of consultation  $3,000.00+
Zoom calls several times a day during the weekend and at bedtime, where you will receive individualized support and a plan that fits YOUR baby Part of the 20+ hours
Follow-up calls after 1, 2, 4 and 8 weeks to check on how things are going and fine tune as needed  Part of the 20+ hours
Group text with all the other parents in your group (your new favorite BFFs and support group!) Priceless 
Total Value: $3,218.00

Total Cost: $1,499.00


That’s right. You are getting over $3200 worth of services for only $1,499! It’s literally a fraction of the cost. And what’s even crazier, is that for the May 2022 group sleep training, it is only $899!! There are a few additional requirements if you want to join the May group at this price, so click here to apply to the May group! 

Mom on Zoom group sleep training meeting |The Peaceful Sleeper

Another option is to be a spectator! This means that you get a front row seat to watch the group sleep training happen (in real time or on demand) while benefiting from seeing the troubleshooting in action and learning from each baby’s individual sleep plan. You also get lifetime access to my 4-24 month course and you are in your own group text with all the other spectator parents! Plus, it’s only $249.00! For more information on being a spectator, click here. 


What are the requirements for group sleep training?


There are a few requirements to join group sleep training so that it is successful for everyone. Here is what they are: 

  • Your baby is between 4-12 months old when group sleep training starts 
  • You have made sure that all medical issues that could cause pain, discomfort, gas, reflux, etc. have been resolved before starting group sleep training


Click here to apply to group sleep training now! 


*As stated above, there is an additional requirement for the May 2022 group sleep training, so click here to apply directly to the May group. 


Why should I choose group sleep training? 


Everyone thinks that their baby can’t be sleep trained. But the truth is, I have a 100% success rate. And I’ve had some super tricky babies. With group sleep training, we can work through any bumps in the road together and figure out what exactly your baby needs. 


By choosing group sleep training, you are not just sleep training your baby. It is SO MUCH MORE than that. You are getting 20+ hours of consultations with a sleep expert (me!) and you are becoming a part of a community of like-minded parents who are there to support you through all the ups and downs of navigating your little one’s sleep. And let’s be honest, there is a ton of value in that support. Not having to go through it alone is so valuable. As someone once said, “it’s so much more friendly with two”. (That someone may have been a fictional yellow bear, but that’s beside the point.) 


Group sleep training is also the most value for your dollar. You get an unbelievable amount of personalized support that just doesn’t exist elsewhere at this price point. 



Recap on group sleep training 

Virtual group sleep training |The Peaceful Sleeper


Group sleep training is literally everything you need to get you and your baby the sleep you both need and deserve. It’s the knowledge, the support, the confidence, the expert by your side, the community, and the longevity needed to handle all the challenges of baby sleep as efficiently as possible. 


Apply to join our group sleep training and let’s get you and your family sleeping! I can’t wait to meet you and your little one, and help you reclaim the magic of motherhood! 



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