Is There an Infant Sleep Consultant Near Me?

When your infant isn’t sleeping, it’s natural to scour the internet for all the help you can get, but what you will often find… is conflicting information (insert melting face emoji here). This is why it can be helpful to stop asking google for baby sleep answers and instead ask, “is there an infant sleep consultant near me?”


And guess what. The answer is always YES!


This is because we, The Peaceful Sleeper, not only have certified infant sleep consultants all across the United States, ready to work in person with you, but we also offer comprehensive virtual services!


In this blog post, I am going to talk about what exactly an infant sleep consultant is, what the benefits of working with one are, and how you can work with us either in person, or virtually. 


What is an infant sleep consultant? 


What are the benefits of hiring an infant sleep consultant? 


Where can I find an infant sleep consultant near me?



What is an infant sleep consultant? 


An infant sleep consultant is an expert on baby sleep.  Now, I can’t speak to the qualifications of other infant sleep consultants, but The Peaceful Sleeper team consists of Master Certified Peaceful Sleeper Consultants, and Certified Peaceful Sleeper Consultants. 


What’s the difference between a “Master” and “Certified” consultant? 


On our team, both the “Master” and “Certified” consultants have gone through a certification program with me, and passed a certification exam. What sets the “Master” consultants apart is that they have done more than 1000 hours of sleep consultations with The Peaceful Sleeper method. 


Team of infant sleep consultants |The Peaceful Sleeper



All our consultants bring a wide range of additional qualifications, training and experience to the team. We have nurses, doulas, special education teachers, speech and language pathologists, etc. We collaborate with one another, and bounce ideas off one another when we have a “tricky” baby so you are really getting a whole team behind your support. 


The other big piece (besides qualifications and experience) to what makes an infant sleep consultant effective, is their approach. 


This is what really sets The Peaceful Sleeper apart from other infant sleep consultants. Our method is supportive, grounded in science and the fundamental belief that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to baby sleep. We take a holistic, robust and collaborative approach to working WITH you to support your individual sleep goals. We also prioritize parents mental health and offer you as much support as you would like. 



What are the benefits of hiring an infant sleep consultant? 



There are SO many benefits of hiring a Peaceful Sleeper infant sleep consultant, but I’m going to touch on the top 3. 


1. We have the expertise and experience 


As I explained in the first section, our team of infant sleep consultants not only have the qualifications but they also bring to the table other areas of related expertise. Whether we are coming into your home, or working with you virtually, we can help even the trickiest baby get better sleep. 


infant sleep consultant | The Peaceful Sleeper


2. We’re a collaborative partner 


We are all about working WITH you. You are the expert on your baby. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions around meeting your baby’s sleep needs. We give you a variety of strategies and approaches to choose from, and then together, we work to tailor a plan that will best fit YOUR baby. It is also important to be flexible and tuned into baby, which is why we offer follow up support to tweak the plan as we go. 


3. We’re in your corner 


We know first hand how hard it is to function when your baby (and you!) are not sleeping. Baby sleep is about so much more than qualifications, experience, and the science around how to get good sleep.  It’s also about having a support system. Someone in your corner that GETS what you are going through and is invested in helping you get better sleep, with zero shame and a genuine passion to serve you. 



Where can I find an infant sleep consultant near me? 


Wherever you are in the world, we have infant sleep consultants that are available to work with you! 

This is because we offer both in home support AND virtual support. 



In Home Support


In home support means a Peaceful Sleeper infant sleep consultant comes to your home and is physically there to teach your baby independent sleep skills. (If they are over 4 months old. If they are a newborn, then our goal is to optimize their sleep and lay the foundation for solid sleep skills.) You can be present as little or as much as you would like while we are there, and we can come for a few hours, overnight, or the weekend. 


You can learn more about building your custom concierge in home support package here or you can click here to schedule a free 10 minute call with me to build a custom support package!



Virtual Support 


virtual infant sleep consultant | The Peaceful Sleeper


With our virtual support option, we offer whatever level of support you are looking for. This can be as little as a 30 minute phone call to get a few sleep questions answered, or a 60 minute call to make a sleep learning plan. After that, you can add on daily check ins by the week (so you can ask questions and we can make tweaks to the plan as we go). Or you can also add on Zoom calls for naps/bedtime. This is where we would watch the baby monitor with you, to help you discern your little one’s cues and help you know how and when to intervene, while staying in their zone of proximal development. 


By clicking here, you can check on the 30/60 minute consultation options, the premium package that includes daily check ins, or schedule a free 10 minute call with me to build a custom support package. 




Recap on finding an infant sleep consultant near me 


Finding an infant sleep consultant near you is a lot easier than you may think, if you choose to work with us. No only do we have infant sleep consultants all over the United States who are available to do in home support, but we also offer a large variety of virtual support options. 


So whether you just have a few sleep questions, or you are looking for daily support every step of the day, we are here for you! 

Check out all of our consultation options here, and please know that EVERY baby can get better sleep!

Christine Lawler

Christine Lawler

MS, LMFT, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, practicing for over 13 years. I’ve set out to do ALL of the research and I created a method to optimize baby sleep that is tuned in, empowering and WORKS. There absolutely should be joy in motherhood, and I have learned that every baby CAN get better sleep!

Read more about my team here.

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