Mom Bod: A 30 Day Plan to Better Yourself


Have you felt pressure to “bounce back” after having babies? Are you flooded with diet and fitness plans that ultimately are unrealistic and make you feel worse? Do you have mental and physical health goals you would like to achieve?

The goal of this guide is to support you in meeting your goals and achieving your own optimal health by starting with love and acceptance for your body.

No restrictions

No dieting

More self love

More progress

I’m Chrissy, a licensed marriage and family therapist whose passion is achieving joy in motherhood. I struggled with my own eating disorder for 6 years and found my way out. Through being a clinician in the motherhood and mental health space for 13 years, I’ve helped hundreds of clients with improving their body image and optimizing their mental health and well-being.


What’s included:

A collection of tips that will help you optimize your physical health while enhancing your mental health in the process, with an inspirational and organizational workbook component.

In this 30 day plan & guide, I’ll lay out 7 proven strategies to ditch toxic diet culture, improve your body image AND optimize your health!

What you’ll get from this guide, if you dive in, is a fundamental, radical shift in how you accept, honor and nurture your body to get to its ideal. And you’ll find peace, joy, connection and vitality along the way.

Keep in mind, the best changes usually happen slowly. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight—especially the kind of radical transformation we’re talking about here. The next 30 days will get you started on a path that can change your life– if you let it. We are going to start with learning to love and accept your body, and then work through strategies for nourishing and moving your body, with the primary motivating factor being love and acceptance. Of course, optimal health and well-being are also part of the process.



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Mom Bod: A 30 Day Plan to Better Yourself Mom Bod: A 30 Day Plan to Better Yourself
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