Comparison and Self-Acceptance

Comparison and Self-Acceptance: Part 3 of the ‘Self-Acceptance Series’

Self-acceptance is hard. I’ve had to work on it myself A LOT over the years. Self-acceptance, self-love, and just flat out embracing who you are takes work.

I love my imperfections and owning who I really am.

But there are situations when I’m meeting new people and the internal conversation starts off:

“What’s everyone thinking about me?”

“Do they like me?”

“Do I fit in?”

“Am I good enough?”

All these questions consume my thoughts constantly, but I’ve realized something. In nature, plants are all different. Some plants are blue, some are red, some have flowers, and some have prickly bits. These plants aren’t competing against each other to be the prettiest in the forest, or the win the accolade of tallest trunk.

They’re just plants being plants and doing what they do.

Comparing ourselves to other people or seeing where you measure up or what they think about us is totally pointless.

We are the way we are.

So embrace who you are and be empowered by your place in life right now!

We are the product of our environment, and that is neither good nor bad- it just is what it is.

Own your strengths and weaknesses, better yourself FOR yourself.

If you want to improve yourself, come to it in a place of grace and acceptance, and not because people will like you more for it.

Don’t shame yourself into change. We all have our different strengths, so develop those and don’t focus on weaknesses.

There is always room for growth and development, but in a place of love and grace.




PS- Dive deeper into self-acceptance and body image with the Mom Bod Guide here!


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