Best Swaddles For Your Newborn

If you’ve been following my account for a while, you know just how much I LOVE a good swaddle. Swaddles really are key for soothing and helping newborns get good sleep. But what swaddles are the best swaddles?


You might try a swaddle out for the first time and think your baby hates it…keep trying! There are plenty of swaddles out there that might be a better fit for your baby and your baby’s sleep. 


In this blog post, I’m going to talk about:


How do I swaddle a newborn?


What Do I need to know about safe swaddling?


What are the best swaddles for newborns? 


How do I swaddle a baby that keeps breaking out of their swaddle?


What is the best product for transitioning OUT of the swaddle?


Let’s dive right in!



How do I swaddle a newborn?


Getting that perfect swaddle can be tricky…we want it NOT too tight that it restricts their hip movement, and NOT too loose that it comes undone (useless and unsafe). I personally love a traditional, muslin swaddle for the first few weeks, but there are a lot of alternatives that we’ll go over. 


This step-by-step tutorial will help you nail the perfect swaddle – and it could be a solution if it seems like your little one doesn’t like the swaddle. The key is in the first couple of moves!



Swaddle Tutorial on Instagram | The Peaceful Sleeper

Click here to watch a traditional swaddle tutorial on Instagram.




What Do I need to know about safe swaddling?


Here are two things you need to know when it comes to swaddle safety:


1. The American Academy of Pediatrics supports swaddling

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) makes it clear that as long as swaddling is done correctly, it can be an effective technique to help with your baby’s sleep. The most important point is that swaddles need to be snug so that they don’t come loose, but not tight enough that baby’s hips and legs are restricted.


When your baby sleeps while in a swaddle, they must be placed on their back. It would be very dangerous if your baby was swaddled and lying face-down, unable to roll themselves onto their back. I have more information in my other blog post – “Baby Swaddles Simple Guide: 5 Things to Know About Safe Swaddling.Click here to check it out!



Best Swaddle Blogs | The Peaceful Sleeper



2. You should drop the swaddle once your baby shows signs of rolling

Swaddling is no longer safe after your baby can roll. We don’t want them to end up on their stomach, face down, and unable to roll back over because their arms are restricted. The good news is there are plenty of products out there to help babies transition out of the swaddle. Keep reading for swaddle transition product recommendations!


If you haven’t already, download my FREE newborn sleep guide. It’ll give you a good rundown on establishing good sleep for your newborn that you can print and keep with you! Download for free here 💤



What are the best swaddles for newborns?


For the first few weeks (around two months) I prefer a traditional, lightweight swaddle blanket. The hospital will give you one, but my experience is that those ones are super stiff and scratchy. I recommend finding a more soft and stretchy one that you and your baby like! These are a few of my favorites!


Best Swaddles Blog | The Peaceful Sleeper


Around the 2 month mark when they get a little bigger and a little more squirmy, I like to switch to a velcro swaddle. That way, you don’t risk them getting any loose fabric in their face. Here are a few underrated traditional swaddle alternatives that are perfect for this!


Swaddle Me

This is one of my favorite velcro swaddles. It can be used as a full swaddle, one arm, OR both arms out. You do have to take it off to access the diaper, but it can be a great solution for babies who are strong enough to break out of a traditional swaddle but still benefit from the restriction. 


Love to Dream

The Love to Dream swaddle is arms up and is slightly compressed around the midsection with a two-way zipper (GREAT for easy diaper access!). I love how it doesn’t restrict their movement much, so babies can still bring their hands up to their mouths. At the same time, it still helps reduce those startle movements. Many babies who really fight the restriction of a traditional swaddle blanket do so well with the Love to Dream!



This Swaddelini swaddle can be used both arms in or out. It is compression knit and allows for good movement while still mitigating that Moro reflex. AND it has an open bottom. Hooray for easy diaper access!



My Favorite Swaddles | The Peaceful Sleeper

Click here to see some of these swaddles in action on Instagram!



How do I swaddle a baby that keeps breaking out of their swaddle?


Ever heard of a double swaddle? It is a SUPER helpful swaddling trick for our jerky newborns who tend to bust out of swaddles very easily, but would still benefit from them.


Here’s how to do it:

  1. Take the thinnest swaddle blanket you have; fold it into a long rectangle and place it over your regular, muslin swaddle
  2. Lay your baby on both swaddles and weave the thin one over one arm, underneath their back, and over their other arm
  3. Finish off with a regular swaddle using the swaddle blanket underneath – we aren’t super pinning their arms down, just securing them enough to keep them snug and contained



Double Swaddle Tutorial on Instagram | The Peaceful Sleeper

Click here to watch my double swaddle tutorial on Instagram!




What is the best product for transitioning OUT of the swaddle?


Most babies start rolling around 4 months old. This is when we need to drop the swaddle! A sleep sack is a safe option to give your baby a similar feeling of comfort of the swaddle without putting any additional loose clothes in their sleep space, like a loose blanket.


If you haven’t already, download my FREE newborn sleep guide. It’ll give you a good rundown on establishing good sleep for your newborn that you can print and keep with you! Download for free here 💤


These are a few of my favorite sleep sacks:

  • Swaddle Sleeves Sack – This sack comes with sleeves that you can unzip as your baby starts to roll! Plus, you can use code PEACEFUL10 to get 10% off!
  • Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit – Warning…your baby will look like an adorable marshmallow in this one. This sack provides the comfort of a swaddle for your baby while being completely unwrapped.
  • ***Dreamland Baby – Slightly weighted sleep sacks can be a good transition for babies who have jerkier reflexes. You can use code CHRISSY15 for 15% off! If you want to look more into this option, please see the disclaimer below about weighted sleep sacks! 


Disclaimer about using weighted products:

According to the 2022 AAP updated recommendations, “It is recommended that weighted blankets, weighted sleepers, or other weights not be placed on or near the sleeping infant. A single crossover randomized nonblinded trial of 16 infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome found no adverse events when a 1-pound weighted blanket was placed on each infant for 30 minute observed episodes. However, no studies have documented the safety of weights for infants in an unobserved, nonclinical sleep environment.” 

We at The Peaceful Sleeper believe in doing what feels best for you and your family. Since there have been no documented adverse “events” from using weighted sleep products (at the date of posting this), and no studies that prove that using a weighted product is unsafe (at the date of posting this), some parents feel comfortable using a weighted product and others do not. We always advocate for doing your own research, staying informed on up-to-date safety recommendations, and making an informed decision that’s best for your family.

You can find the full 2022 AAP guidelines here, and the study they used as evidence for their weighted product recommendation here. 



Best Swaddle Blog | The Peaceful Sleeper




Recap on Best Swaddles For Your Newborn


The truth is, there are plenty of “best swaddles” out there. It’s all a matter of looking at what stage your baby is at (in terms of size and rolling), making sure your are using safe sleep products, and what seems to work best for you and your baby. If you need any help or support on your swaddle journey, we’ve got you covered!


I have a team of AMAZING certified pediatric sleep consultants all around the country who can be in your corner supporting you through your unique sleep situation. Click here to grab a consultation with one of them!


Whether your little one is a newborn (0-4 Months Content Library), 4-24 months (4-24 Months Content Library), or a toddler (2-5 Years Content Library), we have the resources you need to get your family the sleep you all deserve!

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