Healthy and Unhealthy Sacrificing

Healthy and Unhealthy Sacrificing – Blog 4 of the ‘How to Become the Spouse You Wish You Were Married To’ Series

My final nugget of advice for this blog series is going to be about sacrificing and what the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy sacrifice is.

Part 7: Sacrificing

So what exactly are we sacrificing when we get married?

In short, we sacrifice our flaws and favorite shortcomings. For me it was compromising my stubbornness. I was empowered by my stubbornness and it has helped me get things done. But when it comes to my marriage and my relationship with my husband, I know I need to compromise and let go of my stubbornness for the good of the relationship.

Healthy and Unhealthy Sacrifice

Now there’s a difference between healthy sacrifice and unhealthy sacrifice.

An unhealthy sacrifice is you giving up who you inherently are as a person, feeling trapped, and feeling forced to give up those traits.

A healthy sacrifice has the spirit of charity with it and there’s a joy in the giving.

You have to look and see what your core is as a person and ask yourself is this giving up who I am or is this giving up a trait that helps the greater good of our marriage?

That’s the end of this blog series, but if you want more information about this topic, check out my video on YouTube or on The Peaceful Sleeper Facebook community!



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