10 Month Sleep Regression: Symptoms, Signs & What to Do

Ahh…the 10 month sleep regression. I know what you’re thinking. ANOTHER sleep regression?! I totally get it. The thing is, sleep regressions are going to happen. Sometimes your baby won’t sleep or is being a little more fussy than normal…and that’s ok!


Just like with every other sleep regression, you’ll know it’s hit when all of a sudden your baby’s sleep takes a turn for the worse. It can be super helpful to have an idea of what to expect, be prepared, and optimize your little one’s sleep while keeping it on the right track.


In this blog, I’ll go over: 


What is a sleep regression?


The Biggest Sign of the 10 month sleep regression


What to do when the 10 month sleep regression hits


What to expect after the 10 month sleep regression



Let’s jump right in!


10 Month old baby not sleeping during nap time | The Peaceful Sleeper



What is a sleep regression?


Basically, a sleep regression is when sleep all of a sudden totally and completely falls apart. This can look like random early morning wakings, protesting sleep, short naps, having a harder time getting to sleep or staying asleep, etc. 


Remember, sleep regressions can happen at any point in your baby’s first few years. That being said, there are a few common ages for sleep regressions:



And then there’s this one…the 10 month sleep regression.


Sleep regressions can also happen when your baby is working through a developmental milestone, going through some sickness, or even while they are teething


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So what about this regression? How can you help your get optimal sleep while also not introducing any bad habits? Keep reading to find out! 👇


dad putting a 10 month old down to sleep | The Peaceful Sleeper



The Biggest Signs of the 10 month sleep regression


By 10 months, you’ve probably got your baby taking pretty decent naps…until this particular sleep regression hits. That’s right, the 10 month sleep regression affects naptime the most. Sudden naptime issues are the biggest sign of the 10 month sleep regression.


With some sleep regressions, the solution is to drop a nap. So, you might be thinking, “Maybe my baby is ready for 1 nap?”




If the 10 month sleep regression is giving you short naps or just nap protesting in general, it might be tricking you into thinking that your little one is ready for only 1 nap a day. This isn’t the case!


At 10 months, babies still need two good, solid naps every day. If your baby really doesn’t want that first nap (or maybe they’re having crap naps), get them up after about one hour and continue your day.


BUT, still put them down at their normal second naptime (or even slightly earlier). If they don’t want their second nap, move bedtime early and let them compensate for that nap overnight.


10 Month baby in a sleep regression | The Peaceful Sleeper



How to overcome the 10 month sleep regression


While sleep regressions get better with time, there are four things you can do to make it through this one:


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1. Be consistent


Consistency is going to be key here. If you can remain unphased when sleep goes to crap, it will most likely resolve on its own. All you have to do is avoid introducing any “bad” sleep habits in the process. 



2. Get on a good schedule


Having your baby on a good nap schedule will make navigating these new 10 month old nap issues a little easier. You’ll be able to provide consistency by creating a schedule and be able to troubleshoot different schedule adjustments to ensure they’re still getting the restorative daytime sleep they need… I’ve got an entire blog post dedicated to building the perfect nap schedule…click here to check it out!



3. Make sure baby can initiate sleep on their own


When your baby can initiate sleep independently, it makes working through sleep regressions 10,000 times easier! In my 4-24 Month Content Library, you’ll learn four different sleep learning approaches to choose from and tailor to YOUR baby’s needs. You’ll learn how to get your little one to fall asleep independently, take predictable naps, and even sleep through the night!



4. Don’t get discouraged


Don’t assume that your baby’s sleep will stay bad forever! There are so many random reasons why sleep might be disturbed from time to time. You and your little one WILL get through this!


10 Month girl refusing to sleep | The Peaceful Sleeper



What to expect after the 10 month sleep regression


Most regressions typically can resolve within two weeks. However, the 10 month sleep regression can actually take up to about 3-4 weeks to settle. Please remember that things will get better and be back to normal soon!


As I mentioned earlier, even after 10 months, there are a couple more regressions to be on the lookout for: 



These next few regressions come at times when your little one is learning and developing SO much. Remember, sleep regressions can happen when your baby is developing all the fun new skills (rolling, walking, etc.). Even though this can cause sleep to go to crap temporarily, remember that this is such an exciting time, and you will both get through it.


Just like the 10 month sleep regression, stay consistent and know that their sleep can and will get better!


10 Month old playing with toys | The Peaceful Sleeper



10 Month Sleep Regression Recap & Next Steps


The 10 month sleep regression can definitely throw parents for a loop, especially if you’ve already gone through the sleep learning process! Remember that sleep regressions happen, and the best thing you can do is stay consistent. 


At 10 months, you might be wondering if this regression is a signal that your little one is ready to drop to 1 nap. Remember that it’s not time for that yet! Keep providing the space and time for your little one to nap as normal and the regression will resolve over time.


Know that we are here to help! I have an incredible team of consultants who are ready to help you in any way you may need. Click here to check out all consultation options. You’ve got this, and we are here to support you through it!

And, be sure to access the 4-24 Months Content Library to improve your baby’s sleep!

Let’s get your baby sleeping! Access in-depth guides, a video course, and bonuses in the 4-24 Months Content Library. Get it here! 💤
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