Self-Care and Tackling To-Do’s

Self-Care and Tackling To-Do’s – Blog 2 of the ‘How to Become the Spouse You Wish You Were Married To’ Series

The last blog touched on how becoming the healthier, best version of yourself will help strengthen your marriage. How to do this brings me to parts 3 and 4 in this series of blogs.

Part 3: Self-Care

So what are some ways to become this healthy and best version of yourself?

Recharging your batteries

We can’t run on empty; we may think we can, but we can’t. And we may think that on our list of things to do that recharging our batteries should be the lowest priority. Don’t let it be! Think about what really charges your batteries, it doesn’t have to be expensive and elaborate. Find little ways to recharge them every day so they don’t end up running on zero


How much sleep you get is the number 1 predictor for mental, emotional, and physical health. Get your sleep first and the rest will follow. If you and your spouse get into a fight at night, sleep on it! Wake up and feel refreshed and ready to have a conversation with your partner and come up with a solution.

Let go of imperfections

The internal voice we use with ourselves is the same voice we use with our partners and our children. The harder you are on yourself, the harder you’ll be on your family. So set the bar low, be excited about little victories, and grow from there.

Part 4: Tackling the To-Do List

To-do lists are also in the realm of self-care. Too much on your to-do list can be overwhelming and frustrating. You may think you have to tackle it on your own, but you don’t! Start by taking your to-do list and put it into 3 categories:

  1. I do it
  2. Someone else does it
  3. It doesn’t get done

You need to actively look at your list and actively choose things to put in each category. Delegating is hard and accepting that some things just aren’t going to get done are even harder. But we need to let go of this perfectionism and make peace with this.

‘How to Become the Spouse You Wish You Were Married To’ Series

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